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DYNAM ALBATROS / 4 Channel, 2.4 Ghz, 1270mm EPO WWI Bi-plane PNP or RTF

List Price: $265.00
Dynam Albatros 4 channel RC Airplane
Dynam Albatros 4 channel RC AirplaneDynam Albatros 4 channel RC AirplaneDynam Albatros 4 channel RC AirplaneDynam Albatros 4 channel RC AirplaneDynam Albatros 4 channel RC AirplaneDynam Albatros 4 channel RC AirplaneDynam Albatros 4 channel RC AirplaneDynam Albatros 4 channel RC AirplaneDynam Albatros 4 channel RC Airplane

Albatros! Albatros!
What flavor is it?

Gotta love Monty Python, and gotta LOVE the new Dynam ALBATROS D III (the name is spelled with only one "S" because Germans spell funny) I keep mis-spelling the name, but who cares? This plane rocks, in a different way than most other Dynams- it flies like the real thing! If you've ever seen an airshow with WWI planes, you'll know what I mean- they kind of skid around in the air, and they have a particularly drunken look, if you ask me. The Dynam Albatros mimics those flight characteristics, and does so beautifully- it looks like the real thing from the ground, more so than many other RC planes. It's a TRIP to sling this baby around, performing those near impossible dogfight maneuvers with ease - the tail wagging, hanging in the air at near zero, spinning around to shoot the guy on your six, and all the rest of it- immelmans, split S turns, crazy spinning stalls, the whole gamut. Oh YEAH!

The plane is nicely detailed, including the straight 6 Mercedes engine, the flared exhaust, radiator feed lines, the twin machine guns (with the crosshair sights!), a beautiful paint job, the great Dynam decals, and even spring loaded suspension on all four gear struts. I'm pretty sure that wasn't on the original plane, but it does come in handy. There's even a steerable tail wheel if you want, for paved runways (it's a good thing to use on the pavement, by the way) Just don't get me started on the Dynam pilot figures- WHERE do they get those?? (I just want to know where  to not go!)

Once again, the Dynam quality is great on the 600kv motor, the 40A ESC, and all the other electronic components. We buy Detrum servos to use as components, because they're some of the best bang for the buck around. Same with the ESCs (we use them in Hawkfighters) and props. For the price, you gotta love this stuff.

And let's not forget our Killerplanes Crashproofing kits! The model in our video has the SUPERMAX kit installed, which adds over 500% strength to the nose (yes, you read that right) and a bit less to the other foam parts of the plane, from wingtip to wingtip, and nose to tail. (there are 12 rods in the main wings alone in the SUPERMAX kit! We're talking full coverage) 

Here's how well our Crashproofing designs work- we still have in stock nearly ALL of the foam replacement parts we got from the factories over 3 years ago, because our customers never order replacement foam parts- they don't need them! We DO sell a lot of replacement parts for stuff like props, spinners, gear, and other breakable parts, though, so we know people are crashing the planes (and they tell us about it too- they're generally amazed at how strong the foam parts are after the Crashproofing is installed. As they should be!) If you're not on board yet, it's time! End the replacement foam parts industry, while having more fun, and saving a LOT of time and money! As I always say, you can learn a lot from flying RC planes- you can get Crashproofing on your foamie and learn to do aerobatics, or you can get a foamie without Crashproofing and learn to fix planes- your choice!

Wingspan:1270mm (50in)
Length:1055mm (41.5in)
Servo:9g x 4pcs
Battery: 2200mAh 4s 25c Lipo (included with our RTF version)
ESC: 40A Brushless
Motor: BM3720A-KV600 Brushless Outrunner
Flying Weight:1600g (56.5oz) (Our test plane is 1920g with the SUPERMAX kit installed)

Required to Fly:
Charger for 14.8v Li-Po Batteries (4 cell- included with our RTF version)
AA batteries for the Transmitter
And, of course, you need to assemble the plane!

Price: $179.00