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Dynam P-47D "Thunderbolt", 5 Chan, 1200mm Warbird, servoless retracts, nav lights, flap ready, ARF or RTF

List Price: $59,237.20
Dynam P-47D "Thunderbolt", 5 Channel, 1200mm Warbird, with servoless retracts, A
Dynam P-47D "Thunderbolt", 5 Channel, 1200mm Warbird, with servoless retracts, ADynam P-47D "Thunderbolt", 5 Channel, 1200mm Warbird, with servoless retracts, ADynam P-47D "Thunderbolt", 5 Channel, 1200mm Warbird, with servoless retracts, ADynam P-47D "Thunderbolt", 5 Channel, 1200mm Warbird, with servoless retracts, ADynam P-47D "Thunderbolt", 5 Channel, 1200mm Warbird, with servoless retracts, A

THE LISTED PRICE IS FOR THE ARF VERSION. You can also choose to add crashproofing and other options in the pulldown menus above!


You've been looking at a few planes, wondering which one to get- which planes fly the best? I can tell  you right now- THIS IS ONE OF THEM!! The guys who were at the field during the filming of our video were pretty unanimous after seeing this baby in the sky- "I GOTTA have one!" And you should have one too!

Dynam has come out recently with it's 4 cell line of fighters - the slightly up-sized version of their "1200mm" class of warbirds, which include the T-28, Spitfire, and Mustang, all 3 cell planes. The P-47 is the latest addition to the new 4 cell line, and it's a doozie- a smooth, near perfect flier, with serious fighter handling, loads of power, a big honkin' prop, lights, servoless retracts, and it's flap ready. I livened my flaps up, and this plane FLOATS down with them on the middle setting- check out the video- I'm flying her with the 3300mAh 4s 25c battery, which gives me about 7 minute flights.

This plane has got an EASY place on my "favorite planes" list- I admit the list is getting bigger, but I think that's a very GOOD thing!

Of course, a word about the "Crashproofing". we've been designing reinforcement kits for foamies for almost 3 years now, and we've learned a few things. First, we've learned where to put the rods for the best effect, and that effect keeps improving- wait til you see the latest video examples, they're simply stunning. Here's the video showing a Dynam Mustang diving into pavement at full throttle -  and living to fly another day! if you haven't seen it, get ready to have your mind blown-

Like all of our recent reinforcement designs, this Dynam P-47 benefits from all we've learned, and our Crashproofing will certainly keep your plane in one piece in crashes that would SHRED a plane without Carbon Fiber reinforcement. Additionally, the much stiffened airframe gives you the ability to double the G forces that your plane can absorb during aerobatics- now you can yank her out of a power dive with NO fear! Upgrade to MAX to get the maximum protection of many more parts of the foam, like delicate tips of elevators and aileron "tabs", more nose protection, and more wing strengthening.

Some people think Crashproofing 's expensive, but it's FAR cheaper than 2 or 3 replacement planes! Here's a fact for you: since we've perfected the basic Crashproofing design, I haven't lost a single plane to a crash- and I've had a LOT of crashes. We did the math, and replacing the planes that would have been destroyed would have cost over $4000, as compared with about $2200 worth of crashproofing in those planes- so we've saved about double the cost of the Crashproofing across 2 years. Our biggest problem is figuring out where to put new planes, because the old ones never go in the garbage! Get your P-47 with Crashproofing, and you'll probably still have it literally years into the future!


Wingspan:                1220mm (48in)

Overall Length:       1050mm (41in)

Servo:                        9g x 4pcs

Battery:                     14.8V (4s)  2200mAh Li-Po, 25C (Supplied with RTF version)  
                                   (We fly ours with a  3000mAh 4s 25c LiPo)

Speed Controller:   40A Brushless   

Motor Size:               BM3715A-KV500 Brushless Outrunner

Flying Weight:         1500g (53oz)  Before Crashproofing Install, 

                                   1900g w/ Max Crashproofing and a 2200mAh 4s Lipo,

                                   2000g w/ Max Crashproofing and a 3000mAh 4s Lipo


Required to Fly: Assembly of Plane, 8 - AA Batteries for transmitter, 
(5 Channel Radio System) Charger for 14.8v (4s) LiPo Battery.


Price: $179.00