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Dynam WACO (YNF-5D) 1270mm 4ch EPO RC Electric Scale Biplane- ARF or RTF

List Price: $169.99

Been waiting for this one, right? The famous Waco biplane trainer, straight in from the old days. GORGEOUS reproduction of this beauty, right down to the gear pants! Makes you want to shrink yourself and take her for a spin. Or just use a transmitter!

I LOVE the way this plane flies- I would describe it as "lazy agressive"- you feel like it's just kind of yawning around with a big smile, then you punch it and zoom straight up, then hang on the prop for a while, kind of float down in a drunken spin, and then shake it out and do it all again upside down. FUN flying! And unless you're Yellow Blind, it's very easy to see. We did a nice fireburst red-to-black motif on our Waco's belly, to keep it from being taunted in the schoolyard about bein' all yeller.

And it's pronounced "WAH-co". Not "WAY-co".

Or maybe it's pronounced "Monkey Plane".

Did I mention  the Crashproofing? Our reinforcement kit for this baby stiffens up the airframe for crisper aerobatics, and our gear support-wire design will make you much happier with this type of landing gear! And, of course, if you crash, you'll still have a plane! All of our test planes have the supermax level of crashproofing, so you can see how they fly with the heaviest kit installed- and this one flies GREAT!!


3720 brushless (650kv) outrunner motor
40A Brushless ESC w/ Switch-Mode BEC
Durable and lightweight EPO foam
Excellent Flight Performance

The Ready To Fly version comes with Dynam's self pairing 2.4ghz transmitter and receiver system.

Wingspan:  1270mm(50in)
Overall Length:  983mm(38.7in)
Servo:9g x 4pcs
Battery: 14.8V 2200mAh 25C
ESC:  40A
Motor:3720- 650kv
Flying Weight:1550g / With SUPERMAX Crashproofing Installed: !800g

Required to Fly her:
AA batteries for transmitter
Lipo battery charger capable of charging 4 cell.
And some knowledge of how to fly a plane wouldn't hurt.

Price: $149.00