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FMS 70mm Alpha V2 PNP

List Price: $200.00
FMS 70mm Alpha V2 PNP
FMS 70mm Alpha V2 PNPFMS 70mm Alpha V2 PNPFMS 70mm Alpha V2 PNPFMS 70mm Alpha V2 PNP


Are you a unique individual in everything you do? Then you'll want this 70mm Alpha by FMS. It's color scheme is modeled after the Asas de Portugal jet.  As you know Steve likes these bright, high-contrast color schemes and nice large planes because they are easy to spot in the sky - you will too. The original Dessault/Dornier Alpha Jet was built as an attack plane or advanced trainer. She's light weight and ready to execute loops, rolls, split-S's and other high G thrills all while keeping her graceful landing manners.  Plus she's great at taking off on paved and short grass runways. Pick one up today.

Price: $189.99