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Carbon FIber Rods & Tubes

First, about the price.  It costs nothing to look at this list, but  it's only zero dollars until you choose a crashproofing kit. It's the only way we could make this page work the way we wanted. Nuff said.

** SPECIAL NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS - Some of these rods can be long (Between 36" (91.4 cm) up to 48" (121.9 cm)) Extra shipping costs may incur (longer sizes cannot be shipped via First Class Mail to some countries and need to ship Priority Mail for a higher rate). Please call or email for specific estimates of rates to your country. Our shipping calculator will NOT be correct. Thank you!

Why Crashproofing? Here's why - the addition of Carbon Fiber Reinforcement makes ALL types of plane foam 10 to 40 times stronger!!  Meaning, if a piece of foam supports a one pound weight before the Carbon Fiber, it will support a 10 pound weight after, and with a couple of thin, light rods you can get that up to 40 pounds and MORE!

Check out what else you need to install a kit CLICK HERE


Check out how a Crashproofed Dynam P-51 Mustang handles a power dive into concrete!

In essence, Crashproofing works by distributing the force of a crash across the whole airframe. Normally, if you crash on the nose, all the force is applied to the nose where it hits the ground, and it will crumple, crush and break. If you hit hard enough, other areas of the fuselage, wings and joints will break, too, leaving you with a pile of garbage.  With Crashproofing, that force is now distributed along the entire length of the fuselage- comparatively speaking, there's VERY little damage to the nose, and very often, none at all to the rest of the plane. (The Carbon Fiber needs to be properly installed to do their job, and we'll show you how- it's what makes ALL the difference.)

You'll know if Crashproofing works as soon as you answer this question, yes or no: is Carbon Fiber stronger than styrofoam? If you don't know, try this simple experiment: bend a 1/8" thick piece of foam. Now bend a 1/8" Carbon Fiber Rod. Hmmmm....there's a slight difference, isn't there?

A Killerplanes Crashproofing Kit contains between 14 and 34 rods, depending on the plane (there are over 50 rods in a few "SUPER MAX" kits).  They take an average of 4 hours to install, with the bigger kits running about 5 hours. if that sounds like a lot of time, think of it this way- it will take you about TWICE that much time (and more money!) to order, get, and install a new fuselage! With your new stronger airframe, you'll be able to do RADICAL aerobatics with no worries, and you'll be able to weather a UGR (Unplanned Ground Rendesvous) with aplomb!

So, choose the crashproofing kit you want, and the amount shown next to it is the amount it will cost you, plus shipping.

The Crashproofing kits are specifically designed for each plane to strengthen spots that crack or break during nose-in crashes and wingtip cartwheels.  (Some of the kits offer a truly astounding amount of crash protection. Our Hawkfighter, for instance, has simply bounced off the ground in test crashes of OVER 50MPH (!!!) in both nose in crashes and "wing grab" cartwheels. We get a crack doing that every so often, but we've had numerous crashes with our test Hawkfighters at high speed with no crack at all- no kidding. Just picked it up and launched it again! You can see some iof these crashes in our Youtube videos- here's one right here. Another thing you'll notice is that the planes can handle RADICAL yankin' and bankin' - the carbon fiber reinforcement keeps your plane together like nothing else can!

The Crashproofing Kits all come with all of the carbon fiber rods and tubes, and some include other plastic parts. We also have how-to videos and REALLY GOOD written instructions. You can also choose stuff like glue in our tools section. It will all add up in your cart. I love the computer age, don't you?

Do us one favor- when you find out how well this works, please go on a forum and tell people- that will count as 2 "good deeds for the day", which will give you good karma, which might help keep your planae in one piece. Now get yourself some crashproofing to start the cycle!

Price: $0.00