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Dynam Cessna 182 Sky Trainer 1280mm, 4 Channel, EPO Foam RC plane w/Brushless Motor / Flap Ready / ARF or 2.4GHz RTF

List Price: $149.95

The price shown is for the ARF version. Please choose your version from the menu above.

Another Dynam winner! The Cessna 182 "Sky Trainer" is a veritable delight to fly- smooth, responsive, agile, and powerful- what more could you ask for? How about this- the Dynam Cessna 182 is the LEAST expensive of all the Cessna 182s in this class, period. It's flap ready, nav light ready, with clear plastic windows, and it's full of little touches like the beautiful "box" assembly (meaning not just a cover) that the aileron servos are mounted in, hard plastic air vents for the motor compartment, a front landing gear with spring suspension, HEFTY landing gear, and the beautiful slotted flaps that the recent Dynam designs are noted for (read more about them on the Dynam Grand Cruiser page). I absolutely LOVED flying this plane on the maiden, and the only reason I wasn't surprised by the spectacular performance is that I've already flown the other Dynam planes that have come out recently. ALL of these Dynam "1200mm" planes totally ROCK, and you couldn't do better than stocking up on the entire line.

Our available Flap Kit has all the parts you need to make your flaps operational, assuming your Tx/Rx is ready. It includes the servos, reverser, arms, horns, rods, wires & plugs, splitters, and instructions. Make that baby float like a butterfly with flaps!

Once again, our Crashproofing Kit makes this airframe nearly indestructible and improves the flight characteristics by making the entire airframe more rigid. The Crashproofing kit for the Dynam Cessna 182 has 18 rods, all strategically placed to maximize strength, and all of the plane is reinforced from tip to tip. The planes fly and handle better with reinforcement, and, of course, last much longer.

You will get a 12 minute flight out of a 2200mah 20c 3s battery, and you probably have a bunch of those lying around, right? Spend a couple of hours doing aerobatics with this baby, and you'll be thoroughly delighted! Also, as far as beginner planes go, this one is way up at the top of the list- stable as a table and, with Crashproofing, durable as a tank. Get yours today- no kidding!

WINGSPAN : 1280mm (50.39 inches)
LENGTH : 1000mm (39.37 inches)
WEIGHT : 1000g (35.27oz) w/ Battery
BATTERY   11.1V 2200mAh 20c Li-Po
POWER SYSTEM : Outrunner Brushless Motor 950KV
RC SYSTEM :  4 Servos And 1 Brushless ESC


Price: $129.00