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FMS F4U Corsair V2 1400mm: 5 Channel EPO Warbird/GIANT Super Scale/Electric retracts/2.4GHz KIT

List Price: $259.99

At this time we only have available a Crashproofed FMS Corsair KIt

THE LISTED PRICE IS FOR THE ARF VERSION. Please choose your version above!

The Japanese called this plane "Whistling Death" in WW2, and for good reason. Hearing one of these banshees howling at you usually meant you were about to answer the question, "Is there an afterlife?". Thankfully, you can wait a while to deal with that. But the sight of this plane diving at you will still send shivers up your spine.

S0....FMS does it again, and then some! RC enthusiasts have long waited for this plane to be available in the USA. There's a reason that so many people were holding their breath - this plane is WAY more than you could rightfully expect to get for this price! The famous Corsair is faithfully reproduced in stunning detail - these are actually like GIGANTIC display models- REALLY big, and SUPER detailed!  From the huge 4 blade prop to the famous inverted gull wing to the rotating electric retracts with the pair of wheelcover doors, this baby delivers THRILLS galore. I simply can't believe you can get a plane like this for this price!!!

Like the other "1400mm Class" FMS warbirds, you've got a BIG motor, BIG prop, BIG battery, and a BIG PLANE. Handling? SWEET. Power? VROOM. Class? CLARK GABLE. A good example to describe the class of the entire plane is the prop- these props are NOT your typical foamie props- they're big, thick, solid, heavy REAL propellers that'll blow small animals down the runway! YEAH, Baby!

Once again, our available Crashproofing Kit is a MUST, as far as we're concerned. Like our other Crashproofing designs, this one adds structural strength- good for doing RADICAL maneuvering! In the Corsair Crashproofing kit, you also get a wing joining kit (installed by you) of twin CF center spars (pre drilled in the wings), and 3 plastic joining plates (they go on the top part that gets covered by the plane) This addition will make your 2 wing halves into one SOLID wing. We're not ragging on FMS- we just like it to be BETTER.

PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT AND SPEND YOUR TIME FLYING! Keep your plane OFF the workbench and ON the flightline with a Crashproofing Kit from, available right here for a 25% discount when you purchase it with the plane. (for a description of the kits, see our "Crashproofing" page) We HIGHLY recommend the Crashproofing Kit for this plane with "Foam Prep" or pre-installed. The reason is that you might find it difficult to drill 25" long holes down the fuselage, or drill spar holes in the wings. So, if you want to save a few bucks, get the version with "Foam Prep". If you just want to FLY, get the Crashproofing installed by us- we do a great installation!

You should know two things- the crashproofing will make this plane able to withstand crashes that will SHATTER the plane without crashproofing, and you'll be ECSTATIC that you still have a plane! For a few bucks, you get the equivalent of at LEAST 3 planes, and you get to spend your time FLYING, not FIXING. In my humble opinion, minor damage is WAY better than shattered plane! Want to see a plane this size survive a 50 foot vertical dive into the ground? It's a HC Mosquito, but you'll get the idea- Crashproofing WORKS!

Now that you've seen the video- with crashproofing, right?  We  offer the Corsair in RTF, (With Tx/Rx, and 2600mAh 14.8v Lipo, but NO charger)  ARF (NO Tx/Rx, Battery or Charger)  or KIT (Without electronics, WITH retracts).  ALL these FMS fighters can carry a battery nearly TWICE the size of the supplied battery, for increased airtime and higher speed. Lots of pilots actually add nose weight to this bird- I add nose weight by adding battery.  It's a no brainer, as far as I'm concerned. We offer receivers for Spektrum Transmitters, and bigger battery setups. You can choose them all in the menus above if you want them.

THE LAST WORD- a true story!  I met a diminutive gentleman named General Lou Frank at an airshow in Nashua, NH a few years ago, standing with his REAL F4U Corsair. You could tell talking with the General that he's a straight shooter, and he told me a great story about one of his wingmen in the Pacific during WWII being pestered by "this cute little nurse" to give her a ride (!!!) in his Corsair. The guy left his seatpack parachute off one day (for the extra room) and took the nurse up on his lap in the Corsair- STRAIGHT OVER THE ENEMY ON A STRAFING RUN!!!!! As General Frank finished in his laconic style, "She didn't ask for any more rides after that." I'll BET she didn't!  Get yourself a Barbie doll with the nurse outfit, and you can re-create this great story for your friends with your FMS Corsair. Have fun!


Wingspan: HUGE (1430mm or 56-1/4")
Length: HUGE (1140mm- almost 50")
Weight: Mike Tyson Class 2000g (over 4 pounds)
Supplied Battery: 2600mAh 14.8v 20c LiPo
Max Battery: 4000mAh 14.8v (this is what I use in the Corsair)
ESC: 50A
Motor: 4250 500kv monster
Prop: 14 x 5  4 blade "paddle" style
Channels: 5 (Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, Rudder, Sequential Retracts)
Gear: Rotating sequential retracts with wheel cover doors
Fly time: about 5min on supplied battery, 9min on a big one!
Crashproofing: Available and HIGHLY recommended- you want this baby to LAST!
Camera Mount Kit: Available replacement windshield

Price: $170.95