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FMS P-51 Mustang V3 Marie 1400mm 5-Channel 2.4Ghz EPO Warbird GIANT SUPER scale Electric retracts ARF

List Price: $259.99


THE LISTED PRICE IS FOR THE ARF VERSION. You can also choose to add crashproofing in the pulldown menu above!

Cadillac of the Sky? I'll say! BIG Cadillac!

Here it is- the 1450mm wingspan-electric retract-giant scale-super realistic-beautiful flying Mustang. This plane has been around a while, and we expect them to still be around for a long time to come- this model is a classic rendition of a classic plane, and we have the exclusive on one of the only ways to improve it- Killerplanes Crashproofing!

Since you're probably a Mustang lover already (who isn't?) there likely isn't much I could tell you about the real thing. I CAN tell you this - this FMS Mustang LOOKS like the real article when you put it in the air and run it through the paces- it's a BIG, muscular flier, and it moves like the real thing- grace with a kick!

All these big FMS planes are beautifully built- this company puts a lot of thought into their engineering. They also happen to have a structural design that lends itself to the installation of a TRULY effective Crashproofing Kit. We put an FMS Corsair with Killerplanes Crashproofing straight into CEMENT at about 30 MPH- and we had to replace the prop and the cowling - and that's IT!!. No, you've probably never seen anything like that, but I'll bet you'd like to see it if it were YOUR plane! (If you want to see the "After" of a HC Hobby Mosquito going straight in from 50 feet, check out this video at 2:40)


Pick up an FMS Mustanag with Crashproofing, and (as I've said before) you can thank me later!

Price: $229.95