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HC Hobby B-25 Mitchell 6 Channel 2.4GHz WWII Bomber w/retracts & Nav Lights / PNP or RTF or KIT

List Price: $329.99
HC Hobby B-25 Mitchell 6 Channel WWII Bomber
HC Hobby B-25 Mitchell 6 Channel WWII BomberHC Hobby B-25 Mitchell 6 Channel WWII BomberHC Hobby B-25 Mitchell 6 Channel WWII BomberHC Hobby B-25 Mitchell 6 Channel twin engine WWII RC BomberHC Hobby B-25 Mitchell 6 Channel twin engine RC Plane w/retractsHC Hobby B-25 Mitchell 6 Channel twin engine RC Plane w/lightsHC Hobby B-25 Mitchell 6 Channel twin engine RC Plane w/counter-rotating propsHC Hobby B-25 Mitchell 6 Channel twin engine RC Plane w/twin ruddersHC Hobby B-25 Mitchell 6 Channel 2.4GHz RTF twin engine RC Plane

We only have HC B-25's left wtih Max Crashproofing installed.

The room is filled with a tense buzz and a haze of cigarette smoke.

"Tennnn HUT!" All the young officers spring to their feet, grinding butts under their soles.

"At ease, Gentlemen. Today's primary target will be... Your local flying field."


"You will be flying a squadron of HC Hobby B-25 Medium Bombers..."

The rest is drowned out by wild cheering. YOUR wild cheering! Get ready to suit up and strap in. You're going on a mission!

The STUPENDOUS HC Hobby B-25 Mitchell is here! If you've been lucky enough to see one of these, you can now stop wishing you had one. Now's your chance to pick one up- with Crashproofing! If you've seen our crashproofing videos, you KNOW how it works. And now it will be working on the B-25.

Like the other HC Hobby planes, the B-25 is simply PACKED with features like navigation lights, "sequenced" retractable gear with separate doors, twin counter-rotating 9" props, gun turrets and positions, "glass" nose, cockpit and gun turrets, and details galore, enough that you'd be happy using this as a huge display model. But why have a plane that just sits  on a shelf when you can FLY one instead!

This B-25 has plenty of power for short takeoffs and doing the great fast low level bomb runs the B-25 was famous for. With it's 55" wingspan, it's a BIG presence in the sky, and looks like the real thing flying by! It handles like a dream, and, with the available performance props does aerobatics that weren't possible with the real B-25- but if you do scale flying with it, you and everyone else at the field will be SERIOUSLY impressed with the realism. If only they had these when I was a kid!!! (The bad part about that idea is that I never would have been in school!) I fly mine with a 3000mAh 4s 30c battery, which gives me unlimited vertical performance- it's a THRILL to fly with that extra power! Just a half hour of trimming in the cockpit will get that battery into yours, and we have a yootoob video showing how for people who buy the B-25. (if you want us to fit that battery in yours, send an email before placing the order)

The HC B-25 has twin 30A speed controllers running the twin 40 size (BIG) outrunners, pushing twin 9x6 counter-rotating props,  a whopping 10 servos (9g) running the ailerons, elevators, twin rudders, landing gear and gear doors. The gear, like the HC Mosquito, is HONKIN heavy duty stuff, elegantly designed and built, and looks JUST like the real thing when you raise or lower them. The twin rudder setup is a delight, and the top turret makes an excellent camera position, looking down over the "greenhouse" nose. And don't forget the Nav lights! The factory put carbon fiber and metal struts in the wings, and we added a LOAD of carbon fiber in the fuselage and wings with our available Crashproofing Kit- don't fly without it! 

The RTF version comes with the plane, with servos, gear, and Nav lights installed, gun barrels and glue, tools, and instructions for assembly, which should take less than an hour. It also has a 6 Channel Transmitter / Receiver, 2200mAh 11.1v LiPo Battery, and balance charger. The PNP version comes with everything but the Tx/Rx, Battery and charger. The KIT has no electronics except the installed LED Nav lights, so you can install your own hopped up power system.

Enough talk. PIck up a HC B-25 with Crashproofing, and you'll be flying "bomb runs" for years to come. I know I will!


Wingspan: 1355mm
Length: 1041mm
Weight: 1750g (ours is 1900g with our bigger battery and Crashproofing)
Supplied Battery: 2200mAh 11.1v 20c
Max Battery: 3000mAh 14.8v
ESC: 2 x 30A
Motor: 2 x 4020 Outrunner
Prop: 2 x 9x6 counter-rotating
Channels: 6 (aileron, elevator, throttle, rudder, gear and lights)
Gear: Sequenced retracts with separate doors
Fly time: about 5 m on a 2200mAh
Crashproofing: Available- GET IT!!

Price: $309.99