JPower P-51 Mustang GIANT scale 61" RC Fighter/Servoless Metal Retracts w/Shocks / Flaps/ ARF / Silver or Green

List Price: $329.00
JPower P-51 Mustang GIANT scale 61" RC Fighter/Servoless Metal Retracts w/Shocks
JPower P-51 Mustang GIANT scale 61" RC Fighter/Servoless Metal Retracts w/ShocksJPower P-51 Mustang GIANT scale 61" RC Fighter/Servoless Metal Retracts w/ShocksJPower P-51 Mustang GIANT scale 61" RC Fighter/Servoless Metal Retracts w/ShocksJPower P-51 Mustang GIANT scale 61" RC Fighter/Servoless Metal Retracts w/ShocksJPower P-51 Mustang GIANT scale 61" RC Fighter/Servoless Metal Retracts w/Shocks

ONE LEFT with Super Max Crashproofing Installed

- IT IS ASSEMBLED, CANNOT BE SHIPPED, MUST BE PICKED UP. It's the test plane we flew in our video below. 

They're the classic, first 1600mm P-51 foamie, and still gorgeous! Very elegant, with wings that truly taper, and tapered trailing edges on all the flying surfaces. Just the right dihedral angle, and an EPO foam that has a beautiful surface. This is the plane company that "got it right"- the fuselage is uniformly 5/8" thick, with regularly spaced cross bulkheads. With our Supermax Crashproofing kit installed, I'd rate these as "closer to unbreakable" than any other P-51s fuselage with Supermax installed. Top it off with the huge JPower outrunner motor, and you've got a really nice flying plane! There's a Starmax P-51 prop included with each  plane (as well as the original prop), because I like the Starmax better- more thrust,  beefier blades, better scale appearance.
 There's one plane  in the box, and one assembled, for local pickup only. Please click here to send an email to if you're interested in either plane.

Please note the battery charger that comes with the RTF version is made to plug into a car. If you need the wall plug transformer, please click Extra Services (on the right) and click on the  $8.00 box.Make sure you write a note in the checkout comments field that says "Extra Services payment is for wall transformer for lipo charger"


So many Mustangs, so little time!
Okay, you say. Why so many Mustangs? The answer is that I like all of them, for different reasons, and I'm the guy that picked the stock. If the rest of the Mustangs are the "Cadillac of the Sky", just think of this one as the Godfather's Caddy.

This is the MAGNIFICENT JPower P-51 Mustang-  61 inch wingspan, 3 wheel retracts, flaps, huge prop and POWER TO SPARE! (Note: This is not the cheap imitation on HK! We got one to make sure that the owners of JPower were  telling us the truth, and we can tell you- they are!)  This is one of my favorite Mustangs for a few reasons, which I will tell you now that you're here. First and foremost is the faithful scale details- this baby REALLY looks like a Mustang. Second is the size- a wingspan over five FEET! But size ain't everything- there are other Mustangs out there close to this, and one even 2" bigger. THIS baby wins the competition hands down! Why? DESIGN. This Mustang is made of HONKIN' thick EPO foam, built up and re-inforced where it counts, (the walls are THREE TIMES THICKER than that 63" version, and more!!!) and it's loaded with other design details like the double motor mount joined by 4 metal posts, a REAL laminar flow airfoil (just like the real thing!) huge access hatch, and- it so happens that the structural design really lends itself to the second reason- CRASHPROOFING!

The layout of the interior bulkheads and walls makes it possible to mount the Carbon Fiber in a way that makes this as strong as the cockpit  of an Indy racer. As you may know by now, I'm a BIG believer in crashproofing. Why? Your flying skills may lapse some time. Servos can go bad in the middle of a flight. Your battery can run out.


All these things may break down every once in a while, but GRAVITY ALWAYS WORKS. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT WITH CRASHPROOFING! It also does double duty as airframe reinforcement. You can see me flying these 5 pound foam planes in a way that most other pilots don't, yankin and bankin these babies around with NO FEAR of wings snapping or any other airframe problem. The Carbon Fiber Framework makes that possible!  Each plane gets a custom design to reinforce it's weak spots- for instance, in the JPower P-51, the kit has 25 Carbon Fiber rods! We paid extra attention to the thin, elegant wing and tail tips, adding numerous CF rods inside the wings in a unique protective design. And you can only get it here!

I don't have a single plane that's not crashproofed, and since I started doing that, I may be the only pilot you've ever heard of that hasn't lost a plane to a crash (I have chucked planes after a dozen bad crashes, but that's 11 more than most planes get! Some of our crashproofed test planes have racked up over 25 crashes at speeds up to 45 MPH!!!)  Join the club! Start your crashproof collection with this magnificent Mustang. You will not regret it!

Haven't seen crashproofing in action yet? Watch this video. Smaller Mustang in a BIG crash.

Okay- enough about crashproofing! Lets get back to the Mustang!

This baby has all the features that I mentioned above, and a few others, including metal-piston shock absorbers on the main gear, removeable wings (for moving this monster in your Cooper Mini), steerable retractable tail wheel, carbon fiber spars in the wings, a beautiful paint job, and all the other things you've come to expect from a quality Electric RC Airplane. I have this to say about these planes: If they had toys like this when I was a kid, I never would have grown up. If you're still reading, I could tell you WAY more about why I love this plane! It's by FAR the most elegant P-51 Foam model anywhere, (just like JPower's other masterpiece, the P-38 Lightning). THIN, elegant wings and tail, tapering to a fine line at the trailing edge, a paint and trim job that's absolutely artistic (and I'm an actual "realistic" painter, too), it's got a horizontal stab that's a true inverted airfoil, and that "laminar flow" airfoil like the real P-51 Mustang, unlike ALL other Mustang models made of foam. At the risk of repeating myself, I'll say that, unlike most foamies,  this plane is built like they should ALL be built, with the thick, strong fuselage walls and bulkheads, and the MOST honkin' motor mount design and assembly of any foam plane I've ever seen. Need more? This plane is so well balanced that  they placed the battery nearly over the CG, and when you "battery up" the balance of the plane stays the same! The people at JPower are serious designers and craftsmen, and they are justifiably proud of this magnificent reproduction. Personally, I will ALWAYS have a JPower P-51 (and P-38 Lightning!) as part of my stable- I'm assured of still havng mine for years because of Crashproofing!  If you love the fabled Mustang, you need this plane!


Let's not forget- the Aircam! You can get the replacement clear Plexi windshield for FLAWLESS video shot from the pilot's seat, but that ain't all! THIS Mustang has a cockpit big enough to fit a head-tracking servo operated FPV camera- you can fly FROM THE COCKPIT OF YOUR MUSTANG!! You simply CAN NOT believe how cool this is until you've tried it! Dogfighting with this baby and a head-tracking FPV camera is as close to the real thing as you will EVER GET. We have canopy assemblies (the top and bottom) in stock just for the purpose of having your camera set up in one- just change to your camera canopy when you want to fly FPV! You don't have to make your mind up now- you can also add it on later.

The RTF version comes with the plane, a good quality 2.4Ghz Transmitter and Receiver, a 2600mAh 14.8v Lipo battery with a balance charger, and all the doodads, decals and other stuff you would expect to get with a ready to fly plane. The ARF version has everything but the Tx/Rx, battery, and charger. We have a full line of spare parts in stock- but if you get crashproofing you won't be needing most of them!

So- what are you waiting for? Click "ADD TO CART" and start the countdown til you have this baby up on her first patrol!

(This plane costs a bit more for shipping because the box is HUGE! It's definitely best to order this here online, and let the mailman carry the thing!)

Price: $350.00