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Durafly Spitfire Mk1a 1100mm with Retracts - Flaps - Nav Lights - PNP

List Price: $279.99

So you're a Spitfire lover- me too! But, then again, who isn't? It's like being a Mustang lover (another plane that got it's name from the Brits). R.J. Mitchell has got to be one of the unluckiest men who ever lived- he designed the Spitfire for Supermarine, but he died before it's glory days- the poor guy never knew what became of his baby. But WE sure do! 


The Mark1 is the iconic Spitfire, the plane that saved the day in the Battle of Britain, which is theoretically the turning point for Western Civilization in the 20th century- if Britain had been beaten by Germany then, the world would be a mighty different place now. But that's a story for another day. Today we celebrate the Spitfire!


This baby is simply a perfect size for an RC airplane- not too big, not too small, as the saying goes. With these 1100mm class planes, you can bring an entire hangar's worth to the field with you by throwing them in the back seat of your car, and they're big enough to have a presence in the air that's satisfying, and also big enough to handle some weight and the power to sling it around, which altogether gives you the satisfying experience of flying a heavier than air-craft that's meant to go fast and do grueling aerobatics- and, let me tell you, this baby lives up to it's promise. Right out of the box, this Spit has PLENTY of power- although it flies really nicely at slow speed, it's also geared to be a speed demon, with all the punch you need to do some real fighter style flying. 


The detailing on the entire plane is simply superb, from the cockpit and pilot to the multi-part split flaps on each wing, to the raked retracts on the beautiful elliptical wing- the classic Spitfire wing that gives it the unique look. They did a truly gorgeous job on this plane! And that brings us to our Killer Planes reinforcement- I've always said, and I still maintain, that a plane this nice should be protected! 


We've been designing and re-designing reinforcement kits for foamie planes now for almost seven years, and we've learned a LOT in that time- namely, how to get a plane to the level where the reinforcement can truly be called "Crashproofing". If you've seen our videos, you know I speak the truth. Our design for this Spit is the "all out" variety- I believe that wingtips and noses of planes should be able to handle the things that happen to them sometimes without the need to replace the wings or fuselage, and we've certainly done that again here. You can be sure that many mishaps that you've seen on Youtube involving this plane that ended up with the plane in pieces will have a different outcome with our SUPERMAX Crashproofing installed- on most crashes up to about 20MPH, our planes have little or no damage other than surface rash. The low altitude, low speed crashes into grass that you've seen break these planes in those videos will probably break the prop on one of ours- and that's it! 


So pick up one of these gorgeous babies here at Killer Planes- you'll be glad you did when you still have your Spitfire 10 years from now, and it's one of the last ones left in existence!



• "Plug and Fly" design- just add a receiver and battery, and you're flying
• Very high quality EPO foam, which increases the strength of our reinforcement design
• Stable scale flyer, and also kicks speedster butt if you want
• Quick and easy assembly
• Beautifully detailed scale finish and color scheme, with choice of markings
• Authentic "day fighter" RAF color scheme
• Choice of decal markings
• Scale retracts and flaps pre-installed, as well as lights and the regular 4 channel flight controls
• Steerable tailwheel
• Power setup can accommodate 3 or 4 cell battery (I use a 4 cell 2600mAh myself)


Wingspan:1100mm (43.3”)

Length:1000mm (39.3”)
Flying weight: 1400g with 4 cell, 1600g with SUPERMAX reinforcement
Motor: Aerostar 3736 770Kv brushless outrunner
Prop: 3 blade 11.25x7
ESC: Aerostar 50amp
Battery: 2200-2600mah 3S 60C or 2200mah 4S 40C (Not included)
Channels: 5-6 channel required.


All hardware
Instruction Manual
KillerPlanes Supermax Reinforcement

And of course, the plane!

Price: $214.00