Dynam A-10 5-Channel 2.4GHz WITH RETRACTS, Twin 64mm Ducted Fans High Speed Aerobatic Fighter Jet PNP or RTF GREEN

List Price: $249.99
Dynam A-10  5-Channel 2.4GHz WITH RETRACTS, Twin 64mm Ducted Fans  High Speed Ae

THE LISTED PRICE IS FOR THE PNP VERSION. You can also choose to add crashproofing and other options in the pulldown menus above!

The Dynam A-10 with retracts
is here!

Been waiting a while for this baby. I'd say it was more powerful if I didn't know better, because we loaded up our test plane with extra weight, and it still climbs like the venerable hell-bat. It's got the same specs as the first (fixed gear) version, with a 1080mm wingspan that gives you plenty to look at in the air. A pair of 40A Brushless ESCs drives the 64mm EDF units, and this little baby SCREAMS! The retracts are actually stronger than the original fixed gear- as they say in Noo Yawk, "go figure".

Our current Crashproofing designs are giving stupendous results where it counts, too. After 8 years of designing reinforcement kits (we've designed them for over 140 airframes), we've had plenty of time to work out the kinks, and planes like this (no prop in front) are the best layout for good results. Should something go wrong, (like the mystery in the video) you're now protected from major damage in crashes that happen at "flying speed", rather than only being protected when you flub a slow speed landing. It's a brave new world - let's put the replacement foam parts industry out of business! I could continue waxing eloquent about the Crashproofing, but seeing it in action is MUCH more impressive! Check out the video:

That's right, the SUPERMAX Crashproofing kit saved our Dynam A-10 from the garbage heap in a 63 MPH crash! Can you think of a better reason to have it - or even a good reason to not have it? Me neither. I have SUPERMAX Crashproofing installed in every plane I own, which is why 79 out of 83 of our test planes are still in the air, some after multiple bad crashes, instead of in a landfill somewhere. My big problem: where to put them! So get ready to build an extension on the Man Cave - Crashproofing is here!

If you're getting into FPV flying, the A-10 has a nice roomy canopy for housing a camera, and our replacement Clear Plexi windshields are a snap to install, and give you a clear, unobstructed view. And they come with instructions written in English! Our Mini HD cam is GREAT, and you can plug it into a transmitter for Video Goggle flying, while simulaneously recording onto it's own Mini-SD card. Pick one up in the menus above.

So- the PNP (ARF) version comes with the plane, and the RTF version comes with a Dynam 5 channel 2.4GHz Transmitter and receiver, and a 2200mAh 3s 20c Lipo Battery with a 2 - 3 cell balance charger with a real wall plug. Personally, I've discovered that some batteries ARE better than others, and our new line of SHOCK VALUE "HOTWIRE" Lipo batteries are the ones you see me flying her with in the video- the plane definitely goes a LOT faster with the 2700mAh 3s 30c SHOCK VALUE battery than it does with the stock Dynam battery, and gets about 10% more flight time per AmpHour - I don't know how they do it, but they do. Check out that combo - I can tell you that you'll be VERY happy!


The Specs:
Wing span: 1080mm 
Length: 995mm  
Weight: They say 1000g but it's actually 1150g. With SUPERMAX Crashproofing and bigger battery it's 1500g, and we piled another 150g onto our test plane for the flight.
Servo: 9g x 4
ESC: 40A x 2
Power: 2 x 64mm EDF with Brushless inrunner motors rated at 3300kv

Price: $189.99