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Dynam F4U Corsair 1270mm 6 Channel 2.4GHz Warbird w/Retracts, Flaps, and Lights/ARF or RTF

List Price: $249.00
Dynam_Corsair_RC_Airplane_WOW1Dynam Corsair RC Servoless Retracts_3Dynam Corsair 5 Channel RC AirplaneDynam F4U Corsair RC Plane w/ Servoless RetractsDynam F4U Corsair RC Plane 5ch Electric Outrunner MotorDynam F4U Corsair RC Plane 5ch Rear ViewDynam F4U Corsair RC Plane 5ch Servoless Rotating Retracts

THE LISTED PRICE IS FOR THE ARF VERSION. Please choose your version above!

NOTE: These are the new version with working flaps, which requires a  6 channel Transmitter

Corsairs, Corsairs, Corsairs! There will never be enough Corsairs!

Of course, you want a GOOD Corsair, if you're going to get one, and this baby is a good one! I'm very impressed with the new Dynam designs on a whole, and this baby is a good example of why I am. This Dynam fighter is, so far, the best of the lot in flight characteristics  (along with the new P-47) The Dynam Mustang on 4 cells gives it a run for the money, and it's followed so closely by the FW-190,  Me109, Spitfire and T-28 that it's hard to call it a difference. Anyway, the Corsair has impeccable flight characteristics, right down to the takeoff and landing- she takes off clean without "leaping" like lots of RC planes, and lands smooth and gentle-like. Even on a couple of smack down landings (who, me?) she came in with a minimum of bounce and just, well, landed, and really nicely at that. See it in action:



There's PLENTY of power to climb aggressively even at 25% over factory weight (we add extra weight on for testing). I LIKE to add weight to planes, because they look so much more real in the air if they have some mass to get them to drift and skid into a turn the way a real plane does. Face it- any plane that can take off in 7 feet has enough lift to handle some more weight!  We add our weight with muscle and bone - bigger more powerful batteries, and Carbon fiber reinforcement. The Carbon fiber adds hardly any weight, but most of it is behind the CG, so you balance with a bigger battery in the nose- a perfect trade off, if you ask me! The Dynam Corsair, with the reinforcement kit installed, balances nicely with a 3000mAh 4s 25c battery, which gives you over 9 minutes of aggressive flying- and with that battery, this baby goes FAST!

With the Carbon fiber reinforcement, you can get this plane to perform like the real deal, and then some. You will never have to worry about wing failure, even in the high-G maneuvers like diving at full throttle and YANKING the stick back- the kind of move that would make you black out for a day if you were a pilot actually IN the thing! I LOVE doing stuff like that! And if you should have some "unplanned landings", you're protected - the plane is at least 4 times stronger with Killerplanes Crashproofing installed.

Join the many happy customers who send us testimonials when they STILL have a plane after a really "bad one"- select an upgrade to the Crashproofing in the second pulldown menu.

In the Dynam Corsair, the regular kit has 32 rods, the MAX kit has 40 rods, and the SUPER MAX kit has 48 rods. The Corsair in the video has the SUPER MAX kit installed (with even more thrown in), and is flying with a 3000mAh 4s 30c Battery. I have to say- with these modifications, this plane flies like a DREAM!!  We heard that upgrading the ESC to a 50A made this plane hop even more, so we tested it out. It turned out to be true! If you want that upgrade ($44 with soldering and parts) , click here to send us an email 


Wingspan:           1270mm
Length:                1066mm
Servo:                  9gx4pcs
ESC:                     40A
Motor Size:         3720-KV500 Brushless Outrunner
Flying Weight:   1650g (our test plane with the SUPER MAX CRASHPROOFING is 2000g)
Battery:                2200mAh 4s 25c (we use a 3000mAh 4s 30c) Battery NOT INCLUDED w/ARF 
                            * The 3300mAh 4s 30c balances perfectly with this plane!
Retracts:           90 degree rotating servoless retracts


Price: $209.00