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FMS 800mm AT-6 Texan Yellow PNP

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FMS 800mm AT-6 Texan Yellow PNP

The T-6 was an advanced trainer during the 1940’s and 50’s used by the US Army and Navy as well as other British Commonwealth Air Forces (known as the Harvard) 

The student sat in the front with the instructor in the aft cockpit, power was provided by Pratt and Whitney Wasp radial engine.

The T-6 was used in both the Korean and Vietnam war as forward air control aircraft.

Famous models have chosen this brightly coloured US Air Force variant for this mini edition series. Its compact size, light wing loading and high power output make this a real pleasure to own and fly


Note: Steve uses a 1300mAh 3s 20c UPGRADE to balance his CRASHPROOFED FMS 800mm and for extra power.  The recommended battery for a non-Crashproofed FMS 800mm is a 1000mAh 2s 15 or 20c.

1000mAh 2s 20c - click this link

1300mAH 2s 20c - click this link    

1300mAh 3s 20c - click this link  

Wingspan 750mm(29.5in)
Overall Length 630mm(24.8in)
Flying Weight Around 430g
Motor Size KV1300 Powerful Out runner Brushless Motor
ESC 20A Brushless ESC
Servo 9g Servo x 4
Radio 4 Channel
CG (center of gravity) 40mm (From Leading Edge
Prop Size 2 Blade Propeller With Spinner
Recommended Battery Li-Po 7.4V 1,000mAh 15C
Aileron Yes
Elevator Yes
Rudder Yes
Flaps No
Retracts No
Approx. Flying Duration 6 minutes
Minimum Age Recommendation 14+
Experience Level Beginner
Recommended Environment Outdoor
Assembly Time 45 minutes
Is Assembly Required Yes
Material Durable EPO
Package Options PNP
Requires Requires Radio System, Battery and Charger


Price: $99.99