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FMS 1400mm A6M Zero SUPER SCALE 6 Chanel RC EPO Fighter w/Servoless Retracts, Split Flaps, Nav Lights / ARF, GREEN

List Price: $343.50
FMS 140mm Mitsubishi A6M Zero SUPER SCALE 6 Chanel RC EPO Fighter w/Servoless Re


Tora Tora Tora!!  Ready to start WW2 in the Pacific all over again? Know anybody with a giant scale RC battleship? Go bomb it with THIS baby!

Yes, once again FMS has cornered the market on cool- for RC airplanes, anyway. The FMS Zero is detailed enough to be a giant's display model, and it flies like the fighter that it is! Superb design and engineering is the FMS hallmark, and they were not sleeping on the job when they put this sweet thang together. All you need is a pal with the FMS F6F Wildcat or the JPower P-38, and you can re-enact loads of hair raising combat scenes from the Forties. (You can draw lots to see if it's Pearl Harbor or the Marianas Turkey Shoot) Combine these planes with the Sonic Combat Module, and you're ready to blast some respect into your opponent!

This plane has synchronized gear doors, split flaps, Nav lights, Servoless Electric Retracts, regular 4 channel flight controls, a HUGE outrunner motor, heavy duty 50A ESC, and flies nicely with a 2600mAh 14.8v battery, but can handle a 3300mAh or more! It even has a halfway decent pilot figure that's almost the right scale, although he doesn't look Japanese to me! Maybe he's a Gaijin pilot for the Emporer. Check out his piloting qualifications-

Anyways, grab one while we have them, and don't forget the crashproofing! What, you never crash? GOOD- then you must be a good pilot who will benefit from the upgraded airframe stiffening! Ever notice that most people who have these planes fly very "mellow"? I'll bet half of them fly like that because they're afraid of snapping a wing or something. Fly without fear! Carbon fiber framework will  hold your baby together while you stress the airframe doing some wild yankin' and bankin'. If you've seen Steve flying this plane on youtube, the Crashproofing is the reason he doesn't snap any wings off! Get with the program and order the crashproofing- as we say, you can thank us later. You can choose from 3 versions: The Kit, which is the set of rods cut to fit this plane, or the kit with "foam prep", where we cut, drill  and groove all of the foam for you. You install the rods in both of these versions, using our copyrighted "Gluing Instructions" . The third option is the completely installed kit. Killerplanes Crashproofing will triple or quadruple the life of your plane- MINIMUM. Remember- things can always go wrong,and this is the ONLY "insurance" you can buy for your plane!


Price: $299.00