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Freewing F-35 Lightning II V2 70mm EDF Thrust Vectoring Jet - PNP

List Price: $235.00
Freewing F-35 Lightning II V2 70mm EDF Thrust Vectoring Jet - PNP
Freewing F-35 Lightning II V2 70mm EDF Thrust Vectoring Jet - PNPFreewing F-35 Lightning II V2 70mm EDF Thrust Vectoring Jet - PNP

Strap yourself in for the new version of the Freewing F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter -- now with full electronic retracts with metal trunnions. This new gear is more durable and more reliable. Show your stealth, fighter speed and agility at the field with this 5th generation fighter. She's got 360 degree vectored thrust so you can execute cool maneuvers like flat spins and flip turns. The F-35 has incredibly scale features including a detailed cockpit, independently controlled elevators, Joint Strike Fighter graphics and a hand painted pilot.  And, of course, she sports the Freewing nylon hinges on all of the control surfaces. The shock-absorbing, steerable nose gear will really knock your socks off.  She's comes equipped with a pre-installed 3000kV motor, a 45A ESC, a 70mm ducted fan, and servos. Just add a 4s LiPo battery and you'll enjoy the speed and performance of this beauty.  Get one today with Killer Planes reinforcement and perform ground attack, aerial reconnaissance, and air defense missions from your field. (Just make sure you're aiming at a foam army...)

This plane easily fits into one of my categories- the "gorgeous plane with the lowest power stuff they can get away with so they can sell it cheap" category. Manufacturers design planes to be really light so they can sell it with the cheapest power setup and keep the price low- they know they're going to make PLENTY of money selling you replacement parts. What I like to do with nice planes (like this one) is to reinforce the heck out of it and upgrade the power to handle the added weight. Why do I reinforce planes? Because Gravity is WAY better than I am. The more aerobatics practice you do, the more you're going to crash planes, until you get it completely down. Six years after my first flight, I'm still crashing about once a week, since I love doing stuff like scraping the grass at the bottom of a loop. (I do it for the dogs. No, really. It drives them bonkers.)


Companies like Freewing are all about keeping within the parameters that you (the buyer) is used to, so they'll even go to the lengths of "mis-quoting" the weight of the plane, because pilots have all been told that "lighter is better". (Freewing says this F-35 is 900g, but it's actually about 1080g) In the REAL world, lighter absolutely IS better, for the same reason that you don't need to care about weight in the RC world- you need more power for more weight. In that pesky real world, that's a problem. In this plane, it's as easy as putting in a different motor and fan. I changed to an inexpensive EDF / ESC combo that added about 85% more thrust- 1300g vs the 760g thrust of the original, for about a hundred bucks.

In many of these overpowered, underweight foam planes, adding weight is absolutely no problem even without adding power. As I like to point out, any plane that can take off in 8 fuselage lengths can handle a lot more weight!  So, in this plane I added some weight where it counts, by armoring this plane right to the tip of the nose, and out to all the ends of wings, tails, and any other pointy stuff (like the intakes). We put in a structural framework to replace the one that's made of....nothing. And since the orignail plane weighed more than the thrust from the original power setup, I actually changed the power in this plane, which I hardly ever do- I want more than 1:1 thrust! 

With our 5 years of full time designing and testing of foam plane reinforcement, we gained the knowledge to make our Patent-Pending Crashproofing technology a true breakthrough, as well as the ONLY real time "fun insurance" that you can buy. For a few dollars per plane, you can lower the chance that you'll have to leave the field to repair a plane to nearly zero- I haven't had to go home before I've killed all my batteries in several YEARS of regular flying with planes that have Killerplanes Crashproofing installed, even though I've had hundreds of crashes. You can have the same "fun insurance" in your foamies- starting with this one! Choose the kit if you're good with tools (you'll just need a few long bits for drilling all the rods). If you think you need more drilling practice, get the "FOAM PREP" version- that's where we drill all the holes and cut the rods for them, and you glue the rods in and do touch up. "INSTALLED" is with the rods glued in, and "INSTALLED WITH TOUCHUP" makes everything disappear - including your fear of crashing!

Be forewarned If you've never done it before- thrust vectoring wiring and setup can be a bit complicated and it will probably take "some time" for you to test different wiring, programming, switching, and horn-control rod settings to get the thrust vectoring you prefer. It took me about 90 minutes to get the plane setup with my transmitter (a DX-7)


  • Minimum 6 Channel Radio 
  • 6 Channel Receiver (7 is better, if you ask me) 
  • 4 Cell 14.8V 2200 mAh LiPo Battery
  • Lipo Battery Charger




800mm / 31.5in


1150mm / 45.3in

Flying Weight

900g / 31.7oz

CG (Center of Gravity) check manual 

Power System

2839-3000kV Brushless Outrunner Motor

Electronic Speed Control

45A, T-Connector

Propeller / EDF

70mm EDF with Vectored Thrust


9g x 7

Landing Gear Full electronic retractable nose and main landing gear with metal trunnions

Required Battery

4S 14.8V 2200mAh 30C LiPo

Required Radio

6 Channel

Ailerons Yes



Rudder No





Hinge Type

Nylon hinges

Material EPS Foam
Skill Level Intermediate
Build Time 1 Hour
Recommended Environment Outdoor


Price: $199.00