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HDPE Plastic sheets 1/64" thick WHOLE SHEET - 20" x 24"

List Price: $4.75

Our 1/64" thick HDPE is available in 2 sizes and in a variety of colors:

WHOLE SHEETS (THIS PAGE) are 20" x 24" and are $3.80 each.

HALF SHEETS (CLICK HERE)   are 10" x 24"  and are $2.25 each.

*** PLEASE NOTE:  WE SHIP THESE SHEETS  ROLLED IN A TUBE. LAY THEM ON A FLAT SURFACE TO UNROLL THEM (IN SUNSHINE WORKS BEST) If you need them shipped flat, please email for correct shipping. A flat package will measure approximately 28" x 24" x 4".

YES,  we do give a discount for larger quantity. bulk, mixed color orders. These are shipped flat so shipping is a bit higher:

Order 25 sheets - 10% discount

Order 50+ sheets - 15% discount

Order 100+ sheets - 20% discount

No need to save milk bottles anymore! (Steve thinks that other people have been saving their milk bottles for the plastic. Don't tell him they haven't. It would just ruin the excitement.)

Thin, very flexible HDPE plastic sheets are here, and we have them in loads of great colors!  Now you can get this great material in large flat sheets, ready to cut with scissors or a knife into whatever shape your project requires.

This is the 1/64"  or "thinner" variety that I use for a variety of projects shown in some of our "How To" videos (Down & Dirty Tips n' Tricks and Tiny Tips. Check them out HERE)

Why do I love HDPE plastic? In three words, THIS STUFF ROCKS!! When you glue this very thin HDPE onto EPO foam with contact cement** (see our How To videos), it increases the "anti- tearing" strength of the foam up to ONE HUNDRED TIMES (the thinner the foam, the higher the increase), for an exceptionally small amount of weight. It's not impossible to tear, but you will need some good upper body strength and TWO pair of pliers, and you'll still have to work at it. About one third of all damage done to foam planes during "mishaps" is done by stretching, tearing, or denting the foam, and as you might imagine, adding this HDPE to critical areas goes a long way toward eliminating that one third of crash (or aerobatic stress) damage. The other two thirds of crash damage to foam comes in the form of compression and distortion- that is, crushing, bending, twisting, and stretching. Most of that is eliminated by adding Carbon Fiber rods- gee, whaddya know? That sounds like Killer Planes Crashproofing Kits!  You add the two together and you get MAXIMUM FOAM PROTECTION! 

**NOTE: You need to put a "tooth" on HDPE plastics for best glue adhesion.  Just scratch up the entire surface with heavy sandpaper before applying glue (We use 40 grit paper). Contact Cement or Hotglue work best with HDPE and foam.



You can only choose one color at a time, but it's easy to add more colors and change the number of sheets you want of each color you choose. SO-

1- Choose a color

2- Click "ADD TO CART"

You can change the number of sheets in your cart if you want more than one sheet of that color. On the CART PAGE, just change the number of sheets in the box on the right and click "UPDATE CART"

If you want another size or color, just click on the PRODUCT NAME in the cart, and it will bring you back to this page so you can choose another color. If you want more than one sheet of that color, once again you can change it in the cart. When you're done, each size or color choice will show up as a separate item in the cart, so you can easily see your choices on that one page. 

These 1/64" thick HDPE sheets weigh 124 Grams for the 480 square inch full sheet, which works out to about 0.2583 Grams per square inch. What this all means is that the 2" X 4" plate you put on that critical area so it will never rip again adds a whopping 2 Grams to your plane. In case you're interested.

PLEASE NOTE: The shipping charge for HDPE Is the same for one sheet or five. After five sheets, it goes up a little bit for each sheet. In plain english, this means- if you're ordering just one sheet,  pick 5 colors that you like instead!

Price: $3.80