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KillerPlanes Hawkfighter PNP/4 Channel Aerobatic plane with MAX Crashproofing FOAM PREP

List Price: $443.50
Dynam / Killer Planes Hawkfighter 4 Channel PNP Airobatic RC Plane
Dynam / Killer Planes Hawkfighter 4 Channel PNP Airobatic RC PlaneDynam / Killer Planes Hawkfighter 4 Channel PNP Airobatic RC PlaneDynam / Killer Planes Hawkfighter 4 Channel PNP Airobatic RC Plane


SORRY- we're out of stock on the Hawkfighter 4 (the base price model), so the lowest priced model is the Hawkfighter 5.

(No Battery, charger, TX or RX included in base price)  You may choose to order these as EXTRAS from the pull-down menus.

Note: We discontinued the lesser Crashproofing kits because they don't do the best job. Also, if you choose all of the Crashproofing upgrades (noseplates and bands plus Hawkfighter V8 plates), you need the Hawk 6 or 7 motor set-up for the extra weight.




 Select one of the HAWKFIGHTER 8 PLASTIC PLATE OPTIONS (kit or installed, above) and turn your HAWKFIGHTER 6 or HAWKFIGHTER 7 into a HAWKFIGHTER 8. So far our testing shows it nearly DOUBLES the life of the V6 or V7 with SUPERMAX CRASHPROOFING! Our first HAWKFIGHTER V8 test plane survived 46 crashes at flying speed. Crash #47 was a full speed vertical spike into pavement, and finally broke her back. Our second and third Hawkfighter V8 test planes lived through 45 and 48 crashes. The 4th Hawkfighter V8 test plane is going strong, and already holds the record at SIXTY FOUR crashes!  You can order the V8 plates in all of these great colors (click here)Please specify in CHECKOUT COMMENTS if you want your V8 plates in a color other than WHITE.




This is the same Hawkfighter listed on the site as an "AARF" (Almost Almost Ready to Fly). That version is for the flier who wants to get their hands dirty and sniff some glue. This version is for the serious pilot who wants to GET OUT AND FLY the thing as soon as possible! If you're thinking this is expensive, compare it to the cost of 7 or 8 of ANY other plane you're thinking about- that's how many you'll go through to match the 9 lives of this wildcat!  The Crashproofing installed on this plane is 15 rods and tubes (!!!) and two wing/fuselage straps. Every part of the plane is HEAVILY reinforced with carbon fiber rods- there are 7 in the fuselage and 8 in the wings and tail- or you can upgrade to the SUPERMAX, {the way I have mine tricked out) with 26 rods, 2 straps, and extra nose plates and bands, with full width wing reinforcing rods front center, and rear of the main wings, and the V8 plates installed. (There are 12 plastic plates glued onto the wings, wing root inside, wrapped around the fuselage, and inside the nose) I have NO problem putting in writing that this plane can handle multiple crashes at speeds of 50+MPH, since that's what happens to mine on a regular basis. The Hawkfighter flies great, in fact better than most of the other 110 planes on our racks, but I tend to do lots of full throttle diving at the ground, and...sometimes it's closer than I thought. OK, that's a joke, but close to the truth- we fly crazy so we will be sure to crash a lot. That's how we keep testing the Crashproofing upgrades. In over 60% of our crashes, we can just pick up the plane and re-launch it. The rest?Occasionally I have to glue a crack in the shop, but most necessary repairs are done in five minutes at the field. I'm a happy man!

  In case you're not up to speed on carbon fiber, it's a new "miracle" material-  as strong as steel and as light as wood, simply unbeleivable stuff.  If you've never seen a Hawkfighter doing cartwheels at 50MPH, you're going to be amazed. We should send out a form email reply with this plane, so you can just click "send" when you're ready. It reads: "This is the BEST PLANE I HAVE EVER FLOWN!!"   Get ready for some SERIOUS yankin' and bankin' with a plane whose wings won't snap off!     

PLEASE NOTE: Some assembly is required. The plane has to be shipped knocked down. You will need to glue the rods on, attach the motor, thread the wires through the fuselage (we provide a snake or there is a glue hatch cut to provide easy wire access - then you just contact cement that glue hatch back into place, and you need to drill holes in the wings (or use a screw driver in a torch or over your gas stove burner) to "burn" holes in the foam).   The wings, vertical and horizontal tail have to be attached as well, the same as the factory version of the Hawksky.

Need some more convincing? Check out these videos!





Included with this plane is:

  1. A Dynam/Killer Planes Hawkfighter Airframe, including MAX Crashproofing FOAM PREP, which means we drill all the holes, and you glue the rods in. (The rods come in the holes, you take them out and install them with Gorilla Glue)
  2. A Hawkfighter4 Power train, or the power upgrade you choose, soldered and fit to the fuselage. (You mount it after shipping.) Choose a Hawkfighter power train in the menu up top. or
  3. NEW just get the Hawkfighter airframe with a motor mount and use your own power train. Just so you know- it's a bit of work to fit components to this airframe! )

All you need to do is:

1- Choose your version. Hawkfigher 4 does 55+MPH. Hawkfighter 6 does 70+MPH. (The Hawkfighter 7 is barely slower than the 6, but gets about 15% more flight time on the same battery!) Since all of our Killerplanes Hawkfighter Powertrain Combos are rated by torque, thrust, and airspeed, how insane a pilot you are is the basic criteria for your choice. (We recommend the Hawkfighter 5, 6 or 7 with a 2650mAh 3s 30c for some high power, high speed, high G combat maneuvering)


We did DAYS of testing combinations made with over 125 components from 30 manufacturers, and arrived at the fastest, highest thrust,  highest  torque, coolest running, longest lasting combinations. Save yourself all the time and money testing upgrade components and get one of our guaranteed performance Hawkfighter Powertrains. There are VERY few 1200g planes powered by 3 cell batteries that can do the screaming vertical climb of a Hawkfighter 6. I'll put it this way - out of the 100 plus other planes that I've flown I didn't find any, but I do assume there are a couple out there somewhere!


2- Choose accessories, if you want- Receiver, Battery, Upgrades, etc. (This is a GREAT plane for FPV flying, BTW!)

3- Press "ADD TO CART"

4- Fly the Hawkfighter and cry tears of joy. MANLY tears of joy. Then crash the Hawkfighter and LAUGH your crash off!



FIRST AND FOREMOST: If you're adding all these upgrades (which we highly recommend!) you will need the V6 or V7 powerplant for the power boost to compensate for the extra weight. We'll email you about this if we notice that you have one without the other, but we don't catch everything! Please check your choices above before clicking on "BUY".

All of the plastic plate options are installed after everything else, so don't choose a plastic plate option that says "installed" if you haven't gotten your Crashproofing kit fully installed (meaning, the "installed" choice, rather than the "Foam Prep" choice).

You can choose as many plastic plate options as you check, so don't check the "KIT" option if you've checked the option for "INSTALLED"- you only need one. We STRONGLY advise getting the Nose Plates, Vent, and Bands. These are a plastic vent tube in the nose, 2 HDPE bands that encircle the nose, and 4 HDPE plates glued on top of the bands, for coverage on all 4 sides. This will enable your plane to absorb numerous flying speed crashes into the nose (in grass) with little or no damage to the nose. (With a little hotglue in some small cracks at the tip, our current test plane with that setup is at FORTY FIVE crashes, and counting!)

We also strongly advise getting the V8 upgrade if you're getting the Hawkfighter 6 or 7. This consists of a number of plastic plates at the wing joint and motor mount. These are problem areas in high speed nose-in crashes and wingtip cartwheels (40MPH and above), and they're covered in this upgrade. Our Hawkfighter V8 test plane did 3 consecutive "lawn darts", each one impaling the plane into the ground (a hayfield in springtime, not hardpan in the high desert!) to a depth of about 4 inches, and one cartwheel at about 40MPH, with ZERO cracking or compression at the wing joint, wing root, etc. If that description doesn't ring your bell, I'll say it like this- this is a MAJOR design triumph!  With this upgrade, we figure the fuselage and wings should last about 20% longer- and since we're already getting 40 crashes out of a Hawkfighter, you can figure what that means- it means WOO HOO!!  (All of our test plane crashes are done at "flying speed", meaning we hit the ground or a tree while we're ripping along at speeds between 25MPH and 70MPH, with most hitting close to the 40MPH mark) The KIT versions of the Noseplates and the V8 upgrade come with video instructions on the web, and should take about 3 hours to install, or we can do it for you.

And here's the critical point to remember- spending the time to properly reinforce your plane now will save you probably ten times as many hours spent on repairs later- and that's a conservative estimate! How do I know this? I spent my first year flying un-reinforced planes. Learning from that experience, I  never fly an unreinforced plane now, and all the reinforcement has paid for itself several times over.


Wingspan: 44.5"
Weight: 900g (Hawkfighter4) to 1250g (Hawkfighter7 with Supermax Crashproofing, Noseplates and Bands, and V8 Plates installed)
Thrust: 825g (Hawkfighter4) through 1340g (Hawkfighter6)
Speed: 50+MPH (Hawkfighter4) through 75+MPH (Hawkfighter6)
Flight time with 2650mAh 3s 25c battery: 13min (Hawkfighter4) through 9min (Hawkfighter6), and 13min for the Hawkfighter7
Fun Quotient: 12.5 on the Richter Scale

For batteries click here.

We recommend the following batteries:

2200mAh 3s 25c to 35c Lipo - V4 and V5

2200mAh 3s 35c to 45c Lipo - V6 thru V8

2650mAh 3s 35c Predator Lipo - V4 thru V8
Steve's favorite battery for the Hawkfighter- BEST power to weight ratio!

You can fit up to a 3000mAh 30c Lipo in older Hawkfighters for longer flight times

Note: We've discontinued our "Regular" 12 rod Crashproofing kit -- the Max Crashproofing kit is way more effective!

Price: $289.95