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Crashproofing Information

Killer Planes designs and manufactures the ONLY crash-resistant reinforcement kits in the ENTIRE WORLD! The kits are designed for each individual plane, and no two kits are alike- meaning, the number, length, and exact placement of the rods, tubes, bars, and plastic plates is different on each model of plane, because each plane is structurally different from all the others. Each kit includes extremely detailed written instructions. You can also choose to include a copy of Steve's book "CRASHPROOF YOUR FOAMIE", which is "full of truly valuable tips and tricks, the type of things you would learn by spending a few days with a master craftsman that agreed to show you all of his trade secrets"…………..Each kit consists of between 20 and 50 Carbon Fiber rods and tubes, with the tubes cut to length for you and the rods in stock lengths (rods are very easy to cut, and there are complete directions for that, too. (We used to cut all of the rods to length, but discovered that it's much faster for the customers to cut them than to sort, measure, and count all the pre-cut rods!) Some kits also have plastic parts included.…………..Reinforcing your foamie gives you two benefits. First, it VASTLY improves the aerobatic capability of any plane by stiffening the airframe, and the wings in particular (after installation, the typical plane can handle 15G maneuvers without breaking or coming apart- you know, the ones that would mash you into goo if you were in the plane!) Second, it makes the plane HIGHLY crash resistant by increasing the structural strength of the foam an average of 300%, and some parts (like the noses) have increases of over 1000%! These numbers may sound fantastic, but they're true- you can test them yourself by doing stress comparisons with an unreinforced version of your plane- just be prepared to wreck the unreinforced one in the comparison test!……………Everything but the glue is included in the kits. Most kits are installed with Gorilla Glue, Hotglue, and Contact Cement (see the "tools" section at the right if you need the glue). Also, if you're planning on doing more than one plane, it's worth it to get the drill bit starter kit- it will make the installation much quicker and easier than drilling with sharpened rods. (instructions for that are included)…………….The average cost of a kit is about 20% of the price of the plane, and if properly installed it will increase the life of your plane by 300% (or more!) Now THAT'S what I call getting bang for your buck! To buy your Crashproof Kit click here. To buy your - DRILL BITS A: LONG DRILL BIT STARTER KIT (5 LONG DRILL BITS) -- SAVE 7% - click here. To buy your DRILL BITS B: LONG DRILL BIT STARTER KIT 2 (6 LONG DRILL BITS) -- SAVE 7% - click here. To buy you Bits and Kits at a discounted rate - click here!