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Keep your plane
IN the air and OUT of the shop!




Watch this video!




Imagine this scenario-

You're twisting and turning at full throttle right on the deck. Then - OOPS -  the grass grabs your wingtip...and you cartwheel in at 50 MPH. After your pals stop laughing, you go pick up all the pieces and take them home to decide: garbage or weekend project?

Been there, right? Now imagine THIS scenario:

You're twisting and turning at full throttle right on the deck. Then - OOPS! -  the grass grabs your wingtip...and you cartwheel in at 50 MPH. Your pals stop laughing when you go pick up your Hawkfighter,  launch it again, and keep flying. You pinch yourself. You're not dreaming.

I don't have to ask which you'd prefer, do I?

Admittedly, not every plane is as immediately relaunchable as the Hawkfighter, mostly because some have props in the front. But any foamie will benefit from the nearly unbelievable resilience EPO foam reinforced with a Carbon Fiber skeleton. The Dynam Mustang in the video did a full power dive into pavement, and required only a new prop and spinner to fly again. Without Killerplanes Crashproofing, that baby would have been TOAST.

My gut tells me that you're into RC flying because you like to fly, not because you like to repair planes. (If you'd rather be fixing planes, boy do I have the job for you!) Our Patent Pending Crashproofing is the PROVEN way to keep you flying - if you follow our advice*, you'll always have a plane to fly when you're at the field. As we like to say, Crashproofing keeps your plane ON the flightline and OFF the workbench. (*Our advice includes this: Never fly a foamie without Carbon Fiber reinforcement, which is what Crashproofing is.)

We've been designing and testing Crashproofing Kits for a couple of years on a lot of different planes (we have kits available for nearly 80 models), and we came up with reinforcement designs that WORK! When you figure in your time and the cost of replacement parts, you'll find that Crashproofing your plane before you fly it is THE most economical way to stay in the air. Here's the official math: 1 Crashproof plane =  4 planes - that's how many off-the-shelf planes you'll go through before your crashproofed plane gives it up. I love math, don't you?

We've hit the ground, trees, the ground, telephone poles, the ground, rooves, baseball backstops, the ground, big rocks, more trees, cement runways, Britta, Steve, a brick wall, an airplane hangar, roads, the bottom of a car (don't ask), 2 garages, a goalpost, our house , and enough spots around our flying field to make a connect the dots picture of the Lincoln Memorial. Steve even drilled a Hawkfighter 7" deep into a field! (The speed controller blew at 200 feet, and the plane left a trail of smoke all the way down - and of course, there was no camera around). And here's the kicker - the planes survived ALL of those crashes INTACT, except for a few cracks here and there. We caught a few of the spectacular crashes on video. Watch and believe- they ain't George Lucas, they're REAL!

All of the Killer Planes Crashproofing Kits are specifically designed for each different plane, and when you purchase the kit with the plane, we can prep the plane for you. This means we cut all the grooves and drill all the holes- you follow the instructions and glue the carbon fiber and plastic parts onto your plane, do some touch up, and presto! You just gave your plane nine lives with some KillerPlanes Hoodoo Magic!.

To figure out the designs, we actually do LOADS of crashing- and we have a lot of fun doing it!  We learned the weak points for different planes, enabling us to design specific frameworks for each one. You can't find ANYTHING like this anywhere else, period. (Yes, people will be copying us very soon- but we're it for now!) And here's the greatest thing - our Crashproofing wiil make you a much better pilot, by allowing you to practice maneuvers you won't  try now because you don't want to break your plane into little pieces! Steve can attest to that!

In a typical day of wacky flying practice, Steve (the Pilot) makes a lot of dumb mistakes (Pilot Errors) which, combined with Gravity, result in many  "radical aircraft speed reduction incidents" which would ordinarily lead to "traumatic airframe structural discomposition". But Science don't work the same on Steve. Steve has Crashproofing!

Unless you have loads of extra time you actually WANT to spend fixing stuff that didn't have to break in the first place, you're going to want crashproofing in your plane. Spending an hour installing our Crashproofing Kit will typically save you over 15 hours of plane repairs over the life of a plane - or it will save you the cost of several new planes! (If you fly like Steve, it will actually save you the cost of about 4 planes) It's as simple as that. Wouldn't it be nice if everything else was this simple? You can also choose to have us install the crashproofing kit- we do the ultimate installation job- we have years of experience!


Still on the fence? Go read some of the things people with our Crashproofing Kits have to say about them on forums. (You'll also see lots of naysayers who have never seen them. It's no surprise they have negative comments- because they've never seen them! Anyone who tells you that you can't minimize crash damage to a foam plane clearly doesn't have one of our kits installed in their plane!)


So, here's our advice:


You can thank us later.

(This list is here on this page because some people asked for it)


Crashproofing Kits For Our Planes

FMS / AIRFIELD / BLITZRCWORKS 1400mm Series Fighters:

Me 109D
Me 109G
F4U Corsair
P-40 Flying Tiger
P-47 Thunderbolt
P-51 Mustang
F6F Hellcat
P-38 Lightning
Cessna 182 Skytrainer

Art-Tech F4U Corsair
Art-Tech P-51 Mustang
Art-Tech Spitfire
Durafly Cessna 182
Durafly F4U Corsair 1100mm
Durafly P-47 Thunderbolt 1100mm
Durafly T-28 1100mm
Durafly P-51 Mustang 1100mm


Dynam Hawksky
Dynam A-10
Dynam P-51 Mustang 1200mm
Dynam Spitfire 1200mm
Dynam P-47
Dynam Corsair
Dynam FW-190
Dynam Me109
Dynam F6F
Dynam Tempest
Dynam Geebee
Dynam Tiger Moth
Dynam C-47
Dynam Turbojet
Dynam Dynam T-28 1280mm
Dynam SBach
Dynam Peaks Biplane
Dynam Catalina
Dynam SU-47
Dynam Cessna 182 Skytrainer


HC / HobbyKing  A-10

HC / HobbyKing B-25

HC / HobbyKing Mosquito

HC FW-190


JPower / BlitzRcWorks  P-51 Mustang (60" wingspan)

JPower / BlitzRcWorks  P-38 Lightning
Killer Planes Hawk Fighter

Starmax / BlitzRcWorks A-10 (with retracts)
Starmax / BlitzRcWorks Cessna 182
Starmax / BlitzRcWorks P-51 Mustang 1600mm
Starmax / BlitzRcWorks F-22 70mm EDF
Starmax / BlitzRcWorks F-15 70mm EDF
Starmax / BlitzRcWorks F-18 70mm EDF

Crashproofing Kits For Your Planes

We're building up the list of  planes we have kits for. Check the list below to see if yours is on it-


Durafly 1100mm Corsair
Durafly 1100mm Mustang
Durafly 1100mm P-47
Durafly 1100mm T-28
1600mm P-51 Mustang
Monster" Mustang (61" Wingspan)

Mini Swift
HK Spitfire

HK Mustang

HK Corsair

HC A-10 (with 75mm EDF units)

Durafly Cessna





JPower / BlitzRcWorks A-10- (ALERT- crashproofing is highly recommended for this plane- it is beautiful but delicate, with some structural parts of the foam fuselage less than 1/4" thick!)
BlitzRcWorks planes listed above


The whole AIRFIELD "1400mm" lineup of fighters-
Me 109D
F4U Corsair
P-40 Flying Tiger
P-47 Thunderbolt
P-51 Mustang
F6F Hellcat
Cessna 182 Skytrainer