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So - you want to fly with the Top Guns? 
We’ve got the vacation for you!

Our  2,  3 and 5 day immersion courses in RC pilot training will get your wings on FAST! You want to spend time flying this summer? This is the way to get into it! Our classes are limited to 2 - 4 people, so you get lots of one-on-one training, and all the added benefits of a small (tiny) class atmosphere. Your teacher is a natural "stick and rudder man"-- the BEST type of person to learn from!

It’s more than just a flight school - it's a workshop

At The Killer Planes Flight School, we teach you FAR more than how to just pilot the airplane. You'll learn what you need to know to make flying RC planes an enjoyable hobby -- all the tips and tricks you need to get your plane in the air and KEEP it there! You won't be leaving the flying field early because you ran into an unforseen problem -- you'll know how to avoid them! You'll learn how to fly in limited spaces, like the local park or school field, so you can have fun anywhere, anytime! And, if you choose a shop class, you not only get flight instruction, you also get valuable shop time, where you learn to reinforce your plane from the guy who invented "crashproofing kits." So on those occassions where "gravity wins," you've tremendously increased your odds of picking up your plane and flying it right away or after minimal, quick repairs (often done right there on the field).

It’s vacation time!

Come up to our Flight School in beautiful New Paltz, New York, in the Shawangunk Mountains. We're 90 minutes from NYC, and you can get here by bus, train or car. We'll help you arrange your accomodations, and we have contacts for all the local activities. If you (or your partner) want a break from flying, there are LOADS of vacation activities, from hiking, biking, horseback riding, rock climbing and swimming to skydiving, motorcycle touring and motocross riding, kayaking and canoeing- this is VACATIONLAND! Bring the family! We're also armed with a veritable PILE of CIA Chef-run resaurants, bed and breakfasts, indoor and outdoor musems and art centers, and even more -- you will NOT be bored here!

In a nutshell...

At the Killer Planes Flight School, we start you on day one with the flight simulator to get some "stick time" with an instructor. Then, you'll fly a real RC plane with your instructor's guidance -- stick time on a real plane! On day 2, more simulator and lessons,and you'll learn to hand launch and land your plane in the grass for "park flying". You can even get a crash - or is it Crashproof?- course in the basics of RC airplane assembly, reinforcement, maintainance and operation.

Unlike all other RC flying schools, we cover everything you'll need to know to get started flying on your own. We take you through the basics of plane care as well as pilot training, and for those who advance this far during a course, we finish up with some hands-on training in basic and intermediate combat aerobatics. You will leave here set  up for a lifetime of enjoying flight with RC planes- the sport that's been called "the most fun you can have with your pants on". And it's TRUE!

You'll return home with a working knowledge of flying RC aircraft using our tried and true "Muscle Memory" method of remote piloting, and you'll have a head full of combat moves and the hands of a stick and rudder pilot! As a Flight School graduate, you get a 10% discount on any plane we sell- maybe spend some quality time in the "pilot's seat" of a fighter! We have some other GREAT beginner planes, and loads of help choosing if you want.

After earning your wings at Killer Planes Flight School, the next time you go to an airshow you'll be able to say "I know how to do that!"  when a stunt pilot pulls a Hammerhead or a Cobra Maneuver-  and you won't be kidding!

Need more info?

For information on class schedules and pricing, call 845-256-1895 to speak with us, or email, and write "flight school" in the subject line.