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Crashproofing: What is the best beginner plane?

We have all our students and novices start on a Dynam Hawksky with SUPER MAX Crashproofing and "Noseplates and Bands" to add more protection to the nose. In this configuration, the plane can survive most crashes at flying speed with little or no damage, which keeps you flying, which is how you learn to fly! We advise getting an extra battery so you can fly for 30 minutes at a time (2 batteries worth) Hopefully, you're not flying around trees- if you are, you should get a power upgrade so you can "nail it and yank", and climb away from the tree instead of stalling and falling back in- remember- trees are foam magnets! You should start with a simulator to get used to how the controls work, and get yourself to a level on the sim where you're not constantly crashing, and then practice landings and some other maneuvers on the sim. After that, it's time to start crashing a real plane! Don't get discouraged- EVERYBODY crashes a LOT when learning to fly. You'll probably go through 2 crashproofed Hawkskys (or about 10 non-reinforced Hawkskys or similar) before you really have a handle on it. At this point, we have the Hawkfighter up to crashes of about 50MPH with little or no damage- the HawkSky's stronger, more agile, and MUCH faster fighter version. Here's the Hawksky and Hawkfighter pages on the website




You can also try the

FMS Easy Trainer 1280: