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Crashproofing: Are There Added Weight Issues?

We don't have issues with the weight we add with reinforcement, bigger batteries, cameras, etc. with most planes. There are a couple of planes that I have tested that do not handle extra weight too well, but that is like 2 out of 90. People who talk about weight not being good on planes obviously do not have much experience with it; mostly they are just repeating what they have heard forever- "extra weight is bad". I would put it like this- "extra weight that does nothing for you is bad", which is why I like to replace the big nose weights most foamies have with reinforcement, bigger batteries, etc. If you have seen our videos, you have seen how the planes fly with about 30% extra weight piled on. Some have as much as 50%, and the HawkFighter, which is built from the HawkSky airframe, weighs nearly TWICE as much as the HawkSky (1150g vs 625g), and has a lot less wing area to boot. Personally, I'd say the HawkFighter flies a LOT better and lasts 8 to 10 times longer than the HawkSky.