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Crashproofing: How Difficult is it to Install? What's the Pay Off?




Generally, the "if you have to ask" rule applies, meaning if you need practice doing reinforcement installations (drilling 24" deep holes from the wingtip to the root, etc), you might want to do the practice on simpler planes (after first practicing on some 1" foam boards). We've started our camps for teaching how to do this stuff and how to fly, if you're interested click here. I can tell you this much: if I could have gone to classes like this when I was starting, I could have saved myself the entire first year of figuring all of this out -- and keep in mind that I'm a Master Carpenter. We teach you tricks that will actually make things that seem almost impossible very easy to do. (Plus see our How To Videos - click here.)

That said, if you're good with your hands and tools, these are fairly easy to install- it's drilling holes and cutting grooves in foam, and you can even do that with sharpened carbon fiber rods. The drill bits make it easier (see Kits n' Bits discount - click here), but I don't think people should spend the dough unless they're planning to drill and reinforce more planes. We are also starting to offer a more inexpensive drill bit kit.

What's the payback for all of this?I learned early on that it wasn't as much fun if I had to do an hour of repair for every 10 minutes of flight. As far as I'm concerned, the single most valuable part of reinforcing your planes is this: having planes that are much harder to break will keep you flying after some mishaps that would have sent you back to the shop. Here's the question- would you rather stay at the field and practice flying, or go home and practice fixing the plane? You can spend your day doing ONE of them... and I know which one I'd rather do!

If you are experienced with tools but have never done this, you should be able to do this after an hours worth of drilling practice on foam (insulation boards — the “old fashioned” -- like the pink Dow dense insulation boards from the 90’s — if you know of a good place to get these, please email us @

If you are NOT experienced with tools, first, get experienced with tools. DO NOT practice on your plane.  If you do not feel confident in your skills, you can ship the plane to us and Steve will "Foam Prep" it or install the kit (you will be responsible for shipping charges, both ways).  Click here to read about the difference between foam prep and installation.

Also, another great way to get introduced to installing a Crashproofing/Reinforcement kit is to order a Foam Prepped plane from Killer Planes. Then you can get a general idea of how the rods are placed and you will get your first experience with gluing in rods with Gorilla Glue.