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Crashproofing: I Bought a Crashproofed Plane and there is Gorilla Glue all over the Inside of the Fuselage. Is it supposed to look like this?

Yes, there's Gorilla glue all over the inside of the fuselage because there's supposed to be. Occasionally we do get an email from somebody who does not like the looks of the gorilla glue. The concept is to get as close to embedding the rods as possible with expanded plastic foam- that is a hugely important part of reinforcing the planes. It is a lot harder to see on fighters, etc.

Sorry if some glue got on a window- that does slip by us sometimes. You should be able to pop Gorilla glue on windows right off with a fingernail.  

Occassionally due to the expansive nature of Gorilla Glue when sprayed with water (our installation technique), glue will inadvertently expand into vital holes or other areas. For the most part, if we missed discovering this, just use a sharpened carbon fiber rod and re-drill the hole or gently pry the surfaces apart with your hands or gently cut with a blade. We apologize for any inconvenience. Although Steve is very careful and attentive when installing rods, sometimes things slip by.