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Crashproofing: I Never Crash. Why Should I Bother? Does Crashproofing Work?

We really should change the name of Crashproofing to Carbon Fiber Reinforcement, even though it actually WILL save the plane in a bad crash. But if you never crash it, you still get the benefit of the increased strength and rigidity of the entire airframe, which equals crisper (and more aggressive) handling. In truth, this is what I actually use it for, since that's what made me start reinforcing planes. I did NOT like it when a wing would crack (or even snap off!) from doing hard maneuvering. The first rods I put in a plane were additional wing spars, after folding up the wings in a high speed dive on a HawkSky. (Tthe TopRC FW-190 has 11 additional rods in the wings alone!)

As usual, if you make more than $12 an hour, it's an extreme bargain to go for the installed version, BUT- if you plan on doing reinforcement on your planes, you should go for the foam prep and start getting used to the process. I've done the math over 3 years, and, if you factor in just a couple of low speed mishaps, the amount of time and money you save by reinforcing your foams exceeds what you spend, easily. With ONE bad crash, you will make back twice what you paid on the reinforcement. It doesn't sound like much in print, but I still have 82 of the last 85 planes we reinforced in the last 3 years, all ready to fly- and that includes nearly all of the planes you see crashing in all of our videos! (This number doesn't include the Hawkfighters, which I usually give away after 30 or so crashes, because they're not pretty enough to keep making videos with. They're still in the air with the new owners, though, and the record holder so far is a Hawkfighter 5 named "Buckshot" with over FIFTY crashes and one shot gunning on it. You might say that Crashproofing works "extremely well"

I can say this about how well the reinforcement performs- I literally never put a plane in the air without it, and so I still have 80 of the last 83 planes we reinforced, which includes nearly every plane you see in a bad crash in any of our videos!

Check out the 1200mm Dynam Mustang bouncing off the ground because of Carbon Fiber Reinforcement


Can you view this video? Lots of crashes with  flying immediately after


Crashes here, but this video was mostly made for entertainment


Mid air collision here (4:23 mark)


Crash into Tree (2:15 mark)