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Crashproofing: What are the Benefits of Higher Levels of Crashproofing?

The higher-level kits have combinations of more and/or heavier and/or longer rods in them, which give higher levels of reinforcement and protection. For instance, an FMS fighter Regular Crashproofing kit may have 32 rods, while the Supermax might have 44 rods, some of them being heavier or longer, or both. The individual plane designs vary, but you could say that the Regular Kit installation makes the foam structure in areas like the nose about 8 times stronger, the Max 10 times stronger and the Supermax 12 times stronger- and no, those are not exaggerations! (The strongest area is the nose, followed by the wings, then the tail. For instance, in this video you see a Dynam A-10 with Supermax Crashproofing installed plow a groove in a field at 63MPH, and we simply launched it again after we plugged the motors back in. And no, there's no trick photography or anything. Generally, the planes with motors somewhere other than the nose fare the best in crashes- you're not dealing with any props, spinners,  motors, or other parts at the point where the plane impacts the ground. Properly reinforced foam is the best nose there is!


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