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Crashproofing: What do you mean by touch-up painting?

If you have installed one of our Crashproofing kits yourself, then you know that when you are finished there will be areas of your plane that need touch-up paint

1- From Handling the plane while doing the installation

2 - From small holes and chips that occur when drilling and installing the rods

We used to include this service with the installation of a kit, but are finding it a very time consuming, while aesthetically important process.  You can save money and perform these touch-ups yourself, or you can have us do them.

If you are looking for matching (water based) paint you can go to Home Depot for flat paint or Lowes for semi-gloss paint.  These paints are offered in inexpensive, small, 7oz sample sizes. Bring a small flat portion of your plane (like a vertical or horizontal tail)  The service people at the paint counter can scan in the part and do a fairly close "color match."  Some colors come out closer than others.

What we then do, if the color isn't quite right, is buy an inexpensive kit of primary color acrylics and add a touch of white, black or whatever color it needs to create the perfect color. Remember the color changes when the paint dries.  Another tip -- mix your paint on pieces of waxed paper!