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Crashproofing: What Level of Crashproofing and Upgrades Should I Get on my Plane?

We strongly recommend the "SUPERMAX" kits- the rods are tricked out the way that we want our personal planes to be, and after 4 years of designing kits we know how to make them so they work! We also have additional "Plastic Plates" for quite a few planes, and this is one of them- it's a set of plates that get glued onto various critical areas of the plane, and they increase the strength at those locations by "factors"- generally between 4 and 15 times stronger (sounds like bull, doesn't it?) And by "15 times" we actually mean what used to take 2 pounds to crush now takes 30 pounds, etc, etc.

If you are interested in reinforcing more planes, too-  in which case it would be a really good idea for you to upgrade to a SUPERMAX kit- you'll get much better protection in that plane, and it will show you a LOT about where to put rods in your other planes, what dimension rods to use, etc.

Also, if you are going to be reinforcing your other foamies, I would also advise getting the "everyday" bit set (6 Bit kit) that we use in the shop, which includes 2 more 6" bits, 3 more 12" bits, and 1 more 18" bit. These added bits will give you the diameters you need for all the different size rods. There are another several bits we stock that we don't use as much, but the others I named above we do use - literally every day. 

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