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RC Tech 6 Channel Flight Simulator with USB Remote Controller

List Price: $36.00
RC Tech 6 Channel Flight Simulator with USB Remote Controller
Dynam 6 Channel Flight Simulator with USB Controller


NOTE: NO program CD comes with this kit. Software is no longer free, it can be downloaded  and purchased for $39.99 through the link below.

Software Download Click Here:


Click on the green FMS at the top.

Learn to fly RC planes the smart way!

The Dynam Flight Simulator is a great, inexpensive way to learn to fly RC planes. It doesn't cost much, and it will save you the cost of at LEAST one plane you would have destroyed learning how to fly. Do the math- learning on an Dynam Simulator is saving you $100.00 - minimum! We have all of our students start their training with this very simulator- generally, you can put a plane in the air after about 5 hours of simulator time - it's simply the easiest way to learn to fly.

This simulator works with your PC (not a Mac, sorry!) You load the software from the disc, and plug the "transmitter" into the USB port. It's the same exact setup as the transmitter you use to fly an RC plane or 4 channel helicopter- two sticks, trim tabs, reversing switches - it looks, feels and works the same. The big difference is- when you crash the plane HERE, it takes ZERO time to get it back up in the air! Also- the "transmitter" that you plug into the computer (included) can be used with ANY flight simulator software, like MIcrosoft and Realflight - it's great inexpensive way to pick up a "real" control interface!

Need more realism? Stand up in front of your computer screen and blow a fan in your face while you practice. You can get in the air NOW with this PC based Simulator!


Works with Windows 7, Vista and XP, 32 and 64 bit
Works with keyboard, Windows Game Pad
Works with E-Sky and Dynam type USB controllers
Works with your RC Transmitter with proper USB cable.

Designed for all levels - from beginner to expert
Hundreds of plane models to choose from
Proven flight model, realistic crashes
Test fly your model before your first flight.
Test fly models you intent to purchase.
Test fly exotic and high performance models.
Fly and enjoy scale models.
Fly RC models when the weather is bad
Build hand to eye coordination
Try new maneuvers and models
Save money and time by not crashing your real models

Minimum system requirements:
-100% Pentium III or AMD Athlon/64 compatible
processor with at least 800Mhz
-128MB RAM
-1GB free hard disc memory
-CD-ROM drive
-Open GL compatible graphic card with at least 64MB
-100% DirectX compatible sound card
-Windows ME /2000/XP (Vista with Patch) with DirectX version
-9.0b or highter
-A free USB port and a trainer output on your transmitter

Recommended system requirements:
-100% Pentium IV or AMD 64 compatible processor with at least 1600Mhz
-256MB RAM
-CD-ROM drive
-OpenGL compatible graphic card with at least 128MB


  Pleaser note: On a system with only minimum system
requirements, the performance strongly depends on the
currently loaded model and scenery.

Windows Vista users

FMS uses a DLL file from Windows that is no longer included with Windows Vista, which causes an error when you run FMS.

The file is named D3DRM.DLL

To install this file, click here and save this file in your

My Computer->C:->Windows->System folder

It is also suggested that you run FMS in Windows XP compatibility mode. To do this, right click on the FMS icon on your desktop and select "Compatibility" from the pop-up menu. Select "Windows XP Compatibility" and hit OK.

For more information, see the FMS User Forums

If you are having issues running the software, try opening with “run as administrator”. Certain security settings could prevent the driver from opening/loading without administrator permission.
You may never receive any blocking messages during install and this should solve any software / operating issues.

Price: $39.00