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Buy a Crashproofed (Reinforced) RC Plane that Starred in a Killer Planes Video -- Most are only gently used

Since we worked our butts off on installing the many extras you can see in some of our how-to videos,  and Steve actually DOES love these planes, we’d love the bids to begin at the price of the plane with SUPERMAX Crashproofing installed.  Shipping is extra and not all planes are able to be shipped.  (it’s better to pick them up!)

For instance you can buy one now and pick it up an the NEAT Fair!


ACCEPTING BIDS: If you see something you like, just look it up on our site and add the plane price + Supermax Crashproofing installed to get a good "starting point" - then make us an offer. We will register your bid and sell to the highest bidder.  Just email