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STARMAX-HK FW-190 1600mm 6 channel RC SUPER SCALE Fighter

List Price: $475.00
FW-190 1600mm 1
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The Focke-Wulf FW 190 was a German fighter aircraft designed by Kurt Tank in the late 1930s…and blah blah blah. If you're looking at this model, you probably already know that and a lot more great historical facts about this famous Bomber Buster. I know most RC plane sellers seem to think this is the place for trivia about the real plane, but let's talk about this RC version instead.


Did the real FW-190 kick Allied butt in the air? Let's put it this way- none of the Allied fliers were ever too happy to see one drop in for a visit. But now that the war is over, hopefully you won't make any of your pals down at the field pee in their pants when this shadow passes over them. Just in case, keep a camera handy -  they'll make great bulletin board photos at the annual summer picnic!


This is the biggest foam FW-190 out there, and it has real presence in the sky- when you drop down for a strafing run on your airstrip, people will be diving for the slit trenches. The 1600mm wingspan makes a big impression- that translates to 5 feet 3 inches, which is my dear Mother's height (Yes, I know. Where the heck did I come from?) If we shaved six inches off The Lovely Denise, she'd be that tall too. Hmmm…if I came down the flight line at just the right height….


Anyway, we offer this brute with our SUPERMAX Crashproofing, either FOAM PREP (where we drill all the holes for you and you glue the rods in) or INSTALLED. Like many of it's sister STARMAX planes, this one is "a bit light" in the  construction- light enough that one medium-speed crash could wreck the plane. And we don't want that now, do we? NO! This plane is gorgeous, and you should plan on keeping it like that until you can't remember how to work a controller. The best way we know of to make your planes last that long is with Killer Planes Reinforcement. At this point in my flying life, I NEVER fly a plane without reinforcement- why take the chance? Consequently, I still have 95% of the test planes I reinforced to shoot videos (We did sell a few of them, and those are all still flying too) As I've said many times, I do love stuff that works, especially when it's something I designed.


The Killer Planes version of this original STARMAX aircraft (you may have seen it through the years from TOWER or HK as well) has our reinforcement kit, and some other nice little touches like included HDPE servo cover plates- although the original design has an indent for mounting a plate over each servo, they left them out of the build. We include them, and you just need a little contact cement and some touch up paint to make those servos disappear. 


The designers put one flimsy 5mm tube in each wing that runs up to 5" from the wingtip. We made that solid, and brought it to the wingtip, and added 2 more hefty spars from wingtip to the center of the fuselage, as well as a few other wing rods in 5 important locations. We also offer an upgrade to the cheap laminated wood wing spar, since I can break the factory spar with one hand- definitely worth adding on (it's a much stronger wood spar with 3 carbon Fiber cross center spars in addition) And you can also upgrade the wheels with a little work like we did- the factory wheels are smaller than scale. 4 inch wheels are scale, so we installed those after a little foam carving- it only takes about an hour, and the change in appearance is quite nice. And don't forget to add a spare prop or two- now is the time to get them, since they're not always in stock!



• Tough EPO Construction with added Killerplanes Reinforcement
• Large Size Ideal for Stable Flying in a Variety of Weather Conditions
• Retractable landing gear and split flaps
• LED Navigation lights pre-installed
• Sliding canopy
• Large removable battery hatch
• Bolt on tail, no glue required
Wingspan: 1600mm
Length: 1350mm
Weight: 3300g
Servo: 4 x Mini 9g, 2 x 40g
: 80A w/ External UBEC
Motor: 5060 Brushless Outrunner 290kv
6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver
6S 22.2V 4000mAh LiPoly Battery

Price: $340.00