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Pay for your extra parts and services here.

If you have NOT been in contact with somebody at Killer Planes who told you to go to this page, you're at the wrong page. Otherwise, if you're just feeling generous, you could be the first to make a contribution to our "Diamonds for Denise" fund here.



If you want an electronics check on your plane, you can pay here. The price is $80.00. (If we're Crashproofing the plane, the price is only $40.00, since we're unpacking and repacking the plane already as part of that job). PLEASE NOTE: This fee is for the test only.

1 - Choose your amount from the menu above, then click "ADD TO CART". You can check multiple buttons to add numbers together for your total. For instance, if your amount is $32, you check $2, $10, and $20, and then click "ADD TO CART". Why is this so complicated? Because this is how Steve's brain works. Scary, isn't it?

You should already know the amount you're choosing from your previous communications with us. There is actually no shipping charge for this service, we already added it on to the amount we told you. We use a calculator if the number is higher than 10.

(NOTE- The confusing way the amounts are written above is this dopey webstore software. I'm talking about the amounts written next to the checkboxes,  where it says, for instance, "$20 + $20.00" next to the $20 box  Clicking that box will only add $20.00 once, not $20 + $20.)

2 - If you're using this page to pay for something, you MUST write in the checkout comments what the payment is for. If you got an email from us, it probably says "please copy this email into the checkout comments". If it doesn't say it there, it says it right here!

Price: $0.00