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Dynam SU-26M Brushless Sports RC Plane 47" ARF w/ Motor + ESC + Servos (Red or Blue)

Dynam SU-26M Brushless Sports RC Plane 47" ARF w/ Motor + ESC + Servos (Red)
Dynam SU-26M

Dynam has provided us another exciting aerobatic airplane once again. Introducing the new 47" SU-26M: despite of the mid-size design, the SU-26M is surprisingly lightweight, fast, and handles just like the larger version. It can do 3D flying and all kinds of aerobatics without concern, as it is powerful and durable thanks to the crash resistant EPO foam. The EPO foam can be easily repaired with epoxy glue in 5 minutes. With its cutting edge and beautiful modern designs, SU-26M captures the attention of everyone who sees it up the sky.


Dynam Sonic 185 Big Scale 1.85-Meter (73") Electric Brushless Radio Controlled RC Glider ARF (Almost Ready to Fly)



The new 2.4Ghz Sonic 185 is 100% Ready to Fly (RTF) and powered by a 200 Watt Brushless motor with folding propellers. This work of art is designed for easy transportation and superior performance. The designs are beautiful and easy to spot. It’s made of crash resistant flexible foam so that you can fly longer without having to worry. This plane is no joke when it’s in the air. The traveling range is around 100 meters and with that you can take over any park.


FMS 1300mm YAK54-GT PNP



LIke to fly 3D?  Or maybe you are just learning 3D. This is the plane for you. Add in some reinforcement from Killer Planes and she'll hold up just fine in crazy stunts and any abrupt landings while practicing those crazy stunts.


FMS 1300mm SBACH 342 PNP

FMS SBACH 342 1300mm PNP

This plane will knock your socks off.  Pick up an FMS Sbac 342 and let the 3D fun begin. Pilot your own extreme 3D aerobatics with this baby. You'll love it's power and precision. It's a low-wing monoplane with fixed conventional landing gear and a tailwheel. Powered by a three bladed prop and a 3948-Kv760 brushless motor, you can hold your own in any competition. The Sbach 342 design is the brainchild of aerodynamic visionary XtremeAir of Hecklingen. It's beauty and grace will keep you coming back for more.