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These are GREAT "pilot's planes"- they fly amazingly well. And, with the addition of Crashproofing, the foam is VERY strong- better handling, and better protection for your foam parts. Note the low price- Dynam saves money even on packing materials, so there may be some surface dings from parts pressing together, no matter where you buy them (the other guys just don't mention it). That won't affect the performance, though! But just remember YGWYPF - cost control of parts and labor keeps the among the most inexpensive large planes. The finish is what it is, and I actually prefer the decals included on a sheet rather than installed, so I can easily repaint them. But we recommend checking all glue seams, gluing wings together, and more- we have videos for Dynams about regluing spar panels, reinforcing seams, reinforcing wing nuts, reinforcing wing roots, regluing gear bases, strengthening wings, spinner balancing, repainting, prettifying, and more. But my final word is this: once you spend a little time to get them in shape, they're good looking planes that fly great, and our reinforcement works very well with Dynam foam. And did I mention you can usually just bump up the battery voltage for loads more speed?