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Hawkfighter 6 replacement motor with mounting plate

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Just the Hawkfighter 6 motor with Killerplanes HDPE custom mounting plate and 6 screws. If you need more parts (extension wires, motor mounting plate, ESC's, propellers, etc) please see KillerPlanes Hawkfighter Upgrade Kits Versions 4 - 7 PLEASE NOTE: THE PLUGS FOR THIS MOTOR ARE NOT SOLDERED ON.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE US TO SOLDER THOSE PLUGS ON FOR YOU PLEASE SELECT THAT OPTION ABOVE.

The motor comes with "cross" type mounting bracket, which mounts on the custom mounting plate. 4 of the screws fasten the cross to the mounting plate. (The motor also includes the prop shaft, nut, etc) The custom mounting plate attaches to the back of the Hawksky motor housing with 2 supplied screws after your Hawksky motor has been removed.

NOTE: When we install the power upgrades, we run the new motor wires a different way, which is shown in the complete Hawkfighter Power Upgrade instructions. It's far easier than the original wire routing, and completely enclosed so your plane still looks great.

ANOTHER NOTE: We do NOT advise mounting these power upgrades in an un-reinforced Hawksky- you will literally blow the wings off.

Price: $26.95