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HD Minicam 120 º wide angle lens w/8GB Micro SD Card

List Price: $0.00
HD Minicam 120 º wide angle lens w/8GB Micro SD Card


The HD MINICAM comes in 3 flavors- a 120˚ wide angle lens, a 90˚ slightly less wide angle lens, and a 60˚ lens for "regular" shooting. (The wide lenses are slightly more expensive, because of the big fat lens- and it isn't just  a lens adapter stuck on the front, it's an integral part of the camera)

The videos from these babies look absolutely amazing- if you think about the price and miniature size of this camera while you watch the videos, you'll find yourself saying "THAT camera took these videos?!?" Things have gotten really cwazy in the past few years!

This camera is the star of our "How To Mount A Camera In Your Cockpit" video, and you can do the same thing in your plane with a few minutes work. The result? Great looking "Pilot's eye view" videos that will knock your socks off. Not enough for you? These also have a live video output, so you can watch the footage through your video goggles as it's being recorded- no more complicated setups on the ground to record the camera output- that happens right at the camera, so there's no transmission static in your final video, either. This thing ROCKS!! We're going to try it on a head-tracking gimbal mount soon, and we'll put the results up here. 

Get yours today!

Here's what you get: 

• The HD Minicam with the lens you choose
• One 4GB (or 8GB) Mini-SD card
• Output wires for hooking up to a transmitter
* USB cable to plug the camera into the computer, for playback and battery charge
• One Mini-SD card adapter/card reader (You can take the card out of the camera and plug it into your USB port)
• LOADS of great videos!



Price: $79.00