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Durafly The Mini Swift

List Price: $92.00
Mini Swift, After

First of all, you're looking at a multi-crashed, beat up Mini Swift. Largely because of the Crashproofing, it's still flying. Second, there are two planes named the Mini Swift, for some reason. One is a flying wing. One is a plane. This is the plane one, and...

I Love this plane!

Yes, I say this about quite a few planes, and it's really true for all of them, each for it's own reason. I decided to stock some Mini Swifts because they're such a joy to fly and they're always out of stock! We carry them just to make it easy for you - so you don't have to go find it somewhere else and find all the parts that don't come with it - we do the legwork, you do the flying.

The Mini Swift flies a LOT like a real bird, soaring and swooping with aplomb. It has full 4 channel control (aileron, elevator, throttle and rudder), which is pretty amazing for a plane so "mini".

It's recommended to fly with a 500MAh 7.4v LiPo battery, but we use an 800MAh. It will fly for over 10  minutes with the 800, and it MOVES when you want it to - the thing LOVES to climb! A great flier with what I call "manners" - it's not overly responsive, so it's relaxing to take it out for a spin. By this I mean that when you move a stick, the plane moves "the way you want it to", rather than flipping over and diving to an early death like SO many small planes. If you get 2 batteries, you can keep this baby in the air for almost half an hour doing some soaring - great for those lunchtime flights! It's small enough to keep in a drawer at work or carry in a briefcase. And it's very quiet, so you can sneak up on that bird up there.

We do advise, though, that you have some experience before you take this baby up - it's very light, and drilling it into the ground may cause some crunching in the nose.  Our Crashproofing Kit comes standard with this baby, and only takes about 10 minutes to install. On this plane it's only 2 thin Carbon Fiber rods in the fuselage, since that's all that fits. There are Carbon Fiber rods in the wing AND the horizontal stabilzer. Without the reinforcement,  we broke the plane in half from a full-speed crash in grass. With the reinforcement, same crash, launched it again right there.

If you like, you can add on an 800mAh 2 cell battery and a tiny receiver that's good for your Spektrum transmitter, or go all the way with the  Upgrade Power Kit- 2500kv motor, 10A Speed Controller, 4.75 x 4.75E Prop and a Propsaver Adapter. I run a nylon fishing line around the adapter with the rubber band for more strength. BTW- you definitely want to be a good pilot with this power setup- augering in with the Mini Swift at 65MPH will mangle it!
The last word -  Tiny plane, BIG flyer! - ENJOY!


Wingspan:  24"
Length:  19.5"
Weight:  160 Grams WITH the battery!
Battery:  800MAh 7.4v LiPo
Motor: 1800kv tiny powerhouse
Prop: 5x4 folding prop and spinner combo
Channels: 4 (Aileron, Elevator, Throttle and Rudder)
Gear: None
Fly time: 10-12 minutes on an 800MAh 7.4v LiPo
Crashproofing: Included

Price: $64.95