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Dynam Turbo Jet 550 64MM 5-CH Brushless EDF Remote Control RC Jet 2.4G ARF

List Price: $0.00
Dynam 5-CH Turbo Jet

The Dynam "TURBO JET"- I wonder exactly which one they copied? Could it be the Citation maybe? They'll never tell!

Anyway, now you can pretend to be a business jet pilot who's gone off his rocker, pulling outside loops and flying inverted, dumping the billionaires in the back on their bald heads. Oops- did I forget the Fasten Seatbelt light?  Sorry, sir!  And with Supermax Crashproofing installed, you can nail it in and turn them all to jelly on the bulkhead, and then hose out the interior and take another bunch on a joyride. Borrow your daughter's dolls to make this scenario complete- and please send us photos!

Suitable for Both Intermediate and Experienced Pilots. Or why not just let some kid at the field have a go? That should make the passengers feel safer!

WINGSPAN:  1180mm (46.4 inches)
LENGTH:       1080mm (42.5 inches)
WEIGHT:        1150g (40.5oz) w/ Battery
BATTERY:      11.1V 2200mAh Li-Po
ESCs:              2 x 40A

Price: $259.99