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Dynam Geebee 1270mm Sport Aerobatic 4 Ch Electric RC Airplane

List Price: $349.99

THE LISTED PRICE IS FOR THE ARF VERSION. Please choose your version above!

Here it is! Dynam's version of the famous Geebee Racer is...uhhh... well, it LOOKS like a real plane, unlike the original Geebee, which looked like a barrel with flippers and a propeller. No small wonder that the original plane had a nasty reputation for careening out of control and killing pilots- how did they expect to keep that thing in the air? Anyway, you won't be having that kind of problem with this baby- it flies BEAUTIFULLY, and it looks nice too (let's just say that it kind of looks like the original- they got the paint job right, anyway). This is another one of the Dynam planes that they sell with a 2200mAh 3 cell battery (11.1v), but that I fly with a 4 cell, in this case also a 2200mAh. With that battery, this plane has unlimited vertical performance, and it's speed and handling keep me very happy! The one thing that needs some attention is the hard rubber "superball" tires, which make it bounce nicely on landings. I cut down that tendency by leaning on the wings over the gear and running it back and forth over the pavement to "soften up" the tires, and it worked pretty well, so that I'm able to make much smoother landings now. (you shouldn't have those problems if you're flying off a grass field, though). An item of interest- he gear legs are made of 1" wide steel, surrounded by foam for the nice Geebee gear look. They will withstand some real slam-bang landings without any problems!  Grab one today, and sling it around the sky like a cowboy with a lasso!

The ARF version comes with the plane, and the RTF version comes with the Dynam 4 Channel 2.4GHz Tx/rx, a 2200mAh 3s 20c battery, and a Dynam 2-3 cell battery charger.



  • Wingspan: 50" (1270mm)
  • Length: 45.8" (980mm)
  • Wing loading: 42.2g/sq dm
  • Flying weight: 49.5 oz (1250g) (1700g with SUPERMAX Crashproofing and a 4 cell Lipo)
  • Servos: Detrum 9g analog (4 - 9 g servos)
  • Battery (RTF): Dynam 2200mAh 3s 20c 11.1V lithium polymer with proprietary connector (I use a 2200mAh 4s 20c)
  • ESC: Detrum 40A Brushless  with proprietary connector
  • Motor: Dynam BM3715A-KV900 brushless outrunner
  • Propeller: Dynam 12x6 electric
  • Transmitter (RTF): Dynam 2.4GHz five-channel sport radio with servo reversing, analog trims, aileron sub trim, non-proportional fifth channel for retracts and a throttle hold switch
  • Receiver (RTF): Dynam seven-channel with gear control channel and two auxillary channels
Price: $300.00