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Dynam T-28 1200mm 5 Channel 2.4GHz Fighter Trainer w/Retracts, Nav Lights, Flap Ready / ARF or RTF / GREY

List Price: $339.00
Dynam T-28 1200mm 5 Channel 2.4GHz Fighter Trainer w/Retracts, Nav Lights, Flap


At this time we only have the Dynam T-28 with Crashproofing Kit & foam prep (foam is drilled and grooved for rods). We apologize for any inconvenience- but you should be getting the Crashproofing anyway!

The plane was rated at 3 cells, but Steve flies his with a 2200mAh or 2650mAh or 3000mAh 4 cell (14.8v)

THE LISTED PRICE IS FOR THE ARF VERSION. Please choose your version and color above!

Finally- a T-28 that leaves others in the DUST! Robust and beautiful, with that sharp T-28 dihedral and the distinctive lines- s seriously gorgeous job by Dynam, once again. She's also got Servoless Retracts with steerable nosegear, nav lights, and a GREAT slotted flap design with beautiful hinges and buried control rods that turn this baby into an anti-gravity machine (you just need to add a flap kit to hook them up, and a 6 channel Tx//Rx). The addition of our Crashproofing Kit makes her far sturdier- a must for beginner level pilots, and a must for anybody who wants to do serious combat style aerobatics. Just the right size, she is big, but she fits nicely in any car without removing wings or anything- toss her in the back seat and take her to the field for a spin!

The Dynam T-28 is a fantastic plane with great looks, great handling, great powertrain, great Transmitter (the exponential knob on the transmitter is something I wish the Spektrum DX7 had!), great foam, great engineering and design, great crashproofing kit, great retracts (some of the best fitting retracts on the market today!), great high speed flight with a 4 cell, and even great quality paint and decals. Little Billy Pilot needs to be pushed out without a chute at 1000 feet, but everything else is PERFECT!

Check this beauty out!

This line of Dynam fighters (the 1200mm wingspan lineup) is big enough for great solid feel and handling and a kickin' presence in the sky- they are all a SERIOUS thrill to fly! When you get one, you'll be emailing me to say "Boy, were you right!" Even the retracts are praiseworthy- solid, with great action and realistic speed, and they have a built in timer that keeps them from collapsing when you plug in the plane- they won't move for about 15 seconds after you plug in the battery- a great design!

The planes are SOLID, made of really good EPO foam that can take a beating, they have Carbon Fiber wingspars, and they're designed in a way that makes the installation of Crashproofing VERY effective- I am seriously impressed with these planes! They have interchangable "drive trains"- same ESC, motor, and prop on all 3, making maintainance less expensive and simpler. The one drawback for Dynam planes is the inexpensive packing- it's where they save some bucks,  helping to make these planes FAR less expensive than they should be. If you can't hack the occasional ding, go FMS- they have great packing materials) I'll say this: all these Dynam fighters are already in my permanent stable, and I absolutely LOVE the way they fly!

Our Crashproofing Kit for the Dynam T-28 comes with instructions on how to install the rods and enlarge the battery compartment, and make air vents for 4 cell flight. The Crashproofing (like all our other Crashproofing kits) acts as an airframe stiffener and G-force shock absorber, making the plane able to withstand some serious yankin' and bankin' without any snap-crackle-pop. You can install the Crashproofing Kit yourself, or have us prep the plane and install it, so you can hightail it down to the airfield and as soon as you get the wings on!

I recommend adding extra batteries (above), because I guarantee you'll want to fly this baby a second and third time before you have to recharge. If you're an intermediate or advanced pilot, I highly recommend the 4 cell 3000mAh- you will LOVE the muscular performance! Also, I didn't mention that these planes are easy to protect for belly landings in the grass- I just use clear packing tape - Scotch Mailing Tape is the best I've found, and we have it. If you want info about more robust protection, see our Tips And Tricks Videos.

SO- the ARF version comes with the plane and a prop and decals- you supply the Transmitter/Receiver, Battery and Charger. (You can add on Receivers and batteries above) The RTF version comes with the excellent 5 Channel Dynam Transmitter/Receiver with the Expo knob, 2200mAh 11.1v 20c battery, and a balance charger.

Price: $279.00