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Freewing A-10 Thunderbolt II Jet w/Twin 64mm EDFs- PNP

List Price: $0.00
Freewing A-10 Thunderbolt II Jet w/Twin 64mm EDFs- PNP
Freewing A-10 Thunderbolt II Jet w/Twin 64mm EDFs- PNP


They keep on doing it like this, I'm gonna be in seventh Heaven. The first six Heavens apparently do not have gorgeous RC planes.

Need a SUPER realistic (just don't look at the gigantic-headed pilot) A-10 Thunderbolt? We got one for you- the new Freewing A-10 puts all the other 64mm A-10s in a race for the silver medal. Not a bad medal, but not a GOLD! Freewing is dedicated to becoming the Olympic star athlete of the RC world, and they're running neck in neck with FMS. Since FMS doesn't MAKE an A-10 (I'm trying to rectify that), the Freewing wins this round.

The details in this baby leave little to be desired, from the antenna groups to the armament, from the retracts to the engine exhaust tubes, from the flaps to the twin working rudders- it's all there! Everything that's missing from the other A-10s in this size class is included on this one.

Once again, I believe that gorgeous planes should be protected, so we offer this plane only with Crashproofing reinforcement. If you've already got Crashproofing in some of your planes, you already know that it's a superb airframe stiffener, for better handling while that baby is in the air. And in case she should come OUT of the air in an unplanned manner, you'll be covered. Although we haven't dug any holes with the Freewing A-10 yet, we did plow a field with a Dynam A-10 that has SUPERMAX Crashproofing installed. After hitting a field at over 63MPH, we simply flew her again (we did have to plug in the motor wires first, because when the plane stopped, the ESCs kept going) The Freewing A-10 with Killerplanes Reinforcement is as well protected, the way it SHOULD be! Pick one up today

NOTE: Steve thinks that Freewing planes are GORGEOUS, but that a number of them are unnecessarily weak in some important structural areas. Although we only offer these with reinforcement anyway, we highly recommend that you reinforce your Freewing planes with the SUPERMAX kit.

NOTE: This is an exceptionally beautiful plane, but very difficult to drill the rod into.  The Supermax kit increases the overall strength MORE THAN 5 TIMES (12 times stronger in the nose), so it's definitely worth it.

What is Foam Prep?  Click here.

What is Crashproofing or Reinforcement? Click Here





Wingspan:   1100mm / 43.3in

Length:   1000mm / 39.4in

Flying Weight:   1680g / 59.26oz (With SUPERMAX Crashproofing 1900g)

Power:   2 x 2836-3500Kv w/ Twin 64mm EDFs

ESC:   2 x 40A, T connectors, with SBEC

Servos:   9g Metal Gear x 6 (8 with flaps)

Landing Gear: Tricycle Servoless Retracts w/ steerable nosegear

Required Battery:  4S 14.8V 2600mAh to 3300mAh 30C LiPo

Price: $289.95