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LX Pitts Python 1400mm 4ch 3D RC Biplane - ARF or RTF

List Price: $0.00
LX Pitts Python 1400mm 4ch 3D RC Biplane - ARF or RTF
LX Pitts Python 1400mm 4ch 3D RC Biplane - ARF or RTFLX Pitts Python 1400mm 4ch 3D RC Biplane - ARF or RTFLX Pitts Python 1400mm 4ch 3D RC Biplane - ARF or RTFLX Pitts Python 1400mm 4ch 3D RC Biplane - ARF or RTFLX Pitts Python 1400mm 4ch 3D RC Biplane - ARF or RTF

Sorry we only have Foam Prep options yet, bu this plane is so sweet your are going to want the reinforcement!!

The Pitts Python is here, and worthy of the name! This is the 3D version of this EXCELLENT plane, with a 2 blade CHUNKY high thrust wooden prop (not the 3 blade plastic prop in the photos- that's the old prop with less thrust),  a bigger motor and more powerful ESC than the original to give you MUCHO power, good enough for climbing vertically out of a hover, and loads of other 3D maneuvers requiring high thrust. Add the high-torque servos, EPO foam, meaty wood prop, gorgeous paint job, heavy duty landing gear, and superb handling, and you have the LX/TopRC Pitts Python. And add the Killerplanes airframe reinforcement kit, and you have an easy winner. Easy visibility too, unless you're yellow blind. (I don't think that actually exists, so I hope nobody thinks I'm making fun of them!)

We've found the LX/TopRC planes to be moulded, detailed, assembled, and even PACKED with the highest standards in the industry, and this baby does not disappoint. I was REALLY impressed with the way the LX/TopRC Pitts was packed, with enough protection to keep the plane untouched even with fairly major package damage- VERY good packing!

So, if you're looking for some BIG 3D Biplane thrills, this is the baby for you. Once again, our reinforcement kits give you that extra strength for adding a few more G's to your turns and pullouts- as far as we're concerned, Carbon Fiber, with the strength of metal and the weight of balsa, is simply a magic material- and we're not the only ones. Boeing has decided to use Carbon Fiber to build it's new 787. To quote Boeing, "Carbon fiber composites have a higher strength to weight ratio than traditional aircraft materials"- and we agree wholeheartedly! Get one with the Reinforcement installed, you'll thank us later!

(Usually, we show a video of the plane bouncing out of a crash, but I've managed to NOT crash this one yet- some kind of record.)

The  Pitts comes with the plane (duh) and one prop, and it's got servos, motor,ESC, and all those other goodies installed, It's painted that gorgeous stick in your eye yellow (you won't be losing this one in the blue sky) and has the decals applied. When you get the "Crashproofing Installed" version, it has all the rods drilled and glued in place except for the cross- wing center spars.If you get the Crashproofing Kit or Crashproofing with Foam Prep, it comes with a set of actually understandable instructions written in English by me, (if you can understand this, you'll understand the instructions) along with excerpts from  "How To Reinforce Your Plane" by yours truly. The instructions have so many tips and tricks in them that you are guaranteed to learn a few new things that you've never heard, and that will come in VERY handy when you're working on your planes!

If you're interested in getting a set of the breakable plastic parts of the Pitts with your plane, let us know- we have a few sets of those parts on hand. If you send an email, we can get you a price.


WingSpan: 1400mm

Fuselage length: 1200mm

Flying Weight: 3200g

Motor: 5052 390kv

ESC: 60A Brushless

Prop: 16x8



4~6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver

6S 22.2V 3300~4000mAh Lipoly Battery

Price: $379.99